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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Pillow Queens, Junior Brother, NewDad, Melts, Sophie Doyle Ryder & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

Junior Brother – No Country For Young Men

From its contorted trad backdrop and taut vocals, Junior Brother’s ‘No Country For Young Men’ finds the songwriter conveying the societal anxiety of our times via his distinctive storyteller meter.

NewDad – Banshee

The title-track from NewDad’s stunning new E.P, ‘Banshee’ moves with the same dreamlike glisten edged with malaise that permeates throughout the group’s captivating music.

Pillow Queens – Hearts & Minds

Our second glimpse into Pillow Queens’ Leave The Light On, ‘Hearts & Minds’ melds the bands emotively driven songwriting within the widening scope of their sound found within these two pre-album release offerings.

Old Sea Legs – These Old Bones

An abstraction of the folk genre, Old Sea Legs’ ‘These Old Bones’ pounds and growls its way from start to finish with a palpable snarl.

Melts – Outlier

Ominous in its buzzing, pulsating beat, Melts insistent propellant sound comes to the fore on ‘Outlier’, taken from the bands’ forthcoming debut Maelstrom.

Sophie Doyle Ryder – Don’t Want No Boyfriend

Sophie Doyle Ryder makes her return with the highly-stylized pop of ‘Don’t Want No Boyfriend’, a song alive with vivid beats and layers of harmony.

Sive – Beira

The handcrafted, intimate mileu of Sive’s ‘Beira’ comes in waves, as the finely tempered songwriting that lies at its heart is rests within a subtle production.

Shocks – Nothing To Lose

Full throttle indie from Shocks, the rock ‘n’ roll edged ‘Nothing To Lose’ explodes from the speakers from beginning to end without ever relenting.

Iva Ray – Common

Contrasted texturally, the slick sound of Iva Ray’s ‘Common’ moves from vibrant beat to smooth vocal with ease, resulting in an over sound that is precise in its mood and tone.

Cat Dowling – All That I Can Do

A rumbling and tumbling offering from Cat Dowling, ‘All That I Can Do’ pushes and pulls through widescreen indie and intricate sounds.

Sinéad Whyte – If Only

A gently set alt-pop ballad from Sinéad Whyte, ‘If Only’ rests upon a powerfully emotive vocal performance from Whyte who captivates with each melody and word.

Joseph James feat. Sinéad Furlong – Whatever Happens

A lush and pulsating slice of dance-pop, Joseph James and Sinéad Furlong combine on the multi-layered dancefloor filler ‘Whatever Happens’.

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