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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Soak, Thumper, Lucy Blue, Wallis Bird & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

Thumper – Button Factory – 18th Sept 2021 – ©Glen Bollard

Thumper – Overbite

The buzzsaw, fuzz-ridden edges of Thumper’s ‘Overbite’ comes as incendiary glimpse into the band’s forthcoming debut LP Delusions of Grandeur (out March 18th).

Soak – last july

Soak returns with the gritty haze of ‘last july’, taken from the upcoming album If I Never Know You Like This Again the song adds an extra layer of angular texture to the songwriters’ sound.

Lydia Ford – Haliee

The glistening pop milieu of ‘Haliee’ finds Lydia Ford opening the scope of her music with a lush production that matches the emotional verve of the songwriting.

Rowan – Irish To My Bones

With ‘Irish To My Bones’ Rowan announce their debut record Does It Make You Happy? via a rattling bang and clatter of pin-point indie.

Wallis Bird – What’s Wrong With Changing?

Bursting forth with a buzzing backdrop and fury-filled vocal, Wallis Bird’s latest offering ‘What’s Wrong With Changing?’ is alive with sound, feeling and meaning.

Lucy Blue – Quiz Show

The closing track from Lucy Blue’s stellar E.P. Suburban Hollywood, ‘Quiz Show’ plays out across a gently set alt-pop soundscape brought to the fore by Blue’s engrossing vocal timbre.

Wynona Bleach – Moonsoake

Texturally deep, the engulfing sound of Wynona Bleach’s ‘Moonsoake’ comes from a contrasting dynamic and sonic backbone that contorts the band’s harmony-driven dream-pop songwriting.

My Tribe Your Tribe – I Stay Quiet

Awash with layered sounds, My Tribe Your Tribe’s ‘I Stay Quiet’ wraps itself around an intertwining bedrock of floating synths and augmented vocals.

Caz9 – Waiting On You

A song contrasted by serenity and rhythm, Caz9’s texturally layered single ‘Waiting On You’ creates a strong sonic foundation for the artist’s breathless vocal.

NIYL – The Heretic

‘The Heretic’ is an atmospherically tempered offering from NIYL that casts itself across a intricately building alt-pop ballad foundation.

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