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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by April, Denise Chaila, Lyndsey Lawlor & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

April – Someone That I Made

Stylistically lush alt-pop comes patiently out the speakers with April’s ‘Someone That I Made’, a track with an inherent sense of emotion and atmosphere.

Denise Chaila – Return of the King

Taken from Denise Chaila’s brand new E.P. It’s A Mixtape, the incendiary ‘Return of the King’ is a statement making track wherein Chaila imposes her sheer sense of personality musically and lyrically.

Lyndsey Lawlor – Bottle & Chain

Set against a bustle backdrop of buzzing, abstracted synths, the darkly lit ambience of ‘Bottle & Chain’ marks a striking return from Lyndsey Lawlor ahead of her debut album Dearest Philistine.

Solis – Sunday

A vibrant, jangled slice of indie-pop, Solis’ serenely set single ‘Sunday’ wraps itself around a fine tapestry of melody and light-footed pop songwriting.

Arn. – Always

Anthemic indie-pop that swings for the fences, Arn’s ‘Always’ has a intricate layering of hooks that flow from verse to chorus with great ease.

Enda Cahill – Vicegrip

Texturally, sonically and thematically deep, the melted myriad of sounds that finds its core in Enda Cahill’s latest offering ‘Vicegrip’ wrap themselves musically around a lyrical entanglement of abstract storytelling.

Molly O’Mahony – Brother Blue

A delicate offering from Molly O’Mahony, the natural ambiance of ‘Brother Blue’ weaves its spell via performance and sound.

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