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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Just Mustard, Silverbacks, Celaviedmai, Modernlove & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

Just Mustard – I Am You

Serving as our first glimpse into Just Mustard’s forthcoming sophomore album, the flickering, brooding lowlight undercurrent of ‘I Am You’ casts a powerful shadow.

Photo credit Bekah Molony
Photo credit Bekah Molony

Celaviedmai feat. Alan McKee – Upset

Celaviedmai returns with the highly-stylized R&B of ‘Upset’. Slick in its performance, beat and delivery, the track plays out perfectly with the artists own defined sense of self.

Tara Nome Doyle – Snail I

‘Snail I’ rests upon a tempered backdrop of subtle textures as Tara Nome Doyle’s softly soaring vocal melts perfectly into the music.

The X Collective – Ascension

‘Ascension’ has a powerful backbone to it, as Jess Kav, Senita & Toshín collide within a beat that pulses, pushes and breaks its way of the speakers.

Silverbacks – Rolodex City

Musically pointed and angular, the sharp-edged sound of ‘Rolodex City’ finds Silverbacks jagged post-punk weaving guitars and vocals in equal measure.

Modernlove – Us

Modernlove’s lush expansive-pop sound found on ‘Us’ is a melting pot of textures, beats and harmonies as the four-piece deliver a song as atmospheric as it is sonically vivid.

Laura Duff – Easy

With its silk-like tone, Laura Duff’s slick new single ‘Easy’ has a serene sense of presence, as Duff and band weave a sound that’s joyously smooth.

1000 Beasts feat Carrie – I Wish

‘I Wish’ takes shape via a colourful spectrum of hazy sounds as 1000 Beasts and Carrie collaborate on a track that sets a serene laid back scene.

Ríona Sally Hartman – Fód

‘Fód’ is a gently set piece from Ríona Sally Hartman. Blending patient tones and textures within its six-minute runtime, the harmonically intricate song as a define sense of self.

Jack Hughes – Wasn’t Built That Way

Swing for the fences alt-pop, Jack Hughes’ sonically sprawling ‘Wasn’t Built That Way’ emerges from stylized production and intimate songwriting.

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