TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Sinead O’Brien, GRWL, Blooms, Girl For Sale, Leah Rose & more

Blooms – Text Me When You Get Home

Blooms makes a powerful return with ’Text Me When You Get Home’, inspired by murder of Sarah Everard the track’s thematic edge is conveyed by atmospherically chilling textures and hushed yet tense vocal delivery.

Sinead O’Brien – Girlkind

‘Girlkind’ is a tangled web of interlocking wordplay as post-punk poet Sinead O’Brien wraps a spiky delivery around a backbone of jagged guitars and beats.

GRWL – Facetime

Deeply textural, the melding of lush sounds that surround GRWL’s ’Facetime’ portray a music filled with melody and meaning.

St. Bishop – Alone

St. Bishop twists a weighty layer of sonic and harmonic sound around his emotionally driven new single ’Alone’.

Leah Rose – Everything

Soaked in distant soundscape and dream-pop ambience, the icy atmospherics of Leah Rose’s ‘Everything’ packs a punch via the artist captivating performance.

Girl For Sale – Don’t Ask How I Am (I’m Fine)

Taken from Girl For Sale’s Seaspeak E.P, ‘Don’t Ask How I Am (I’m Fine)’ buzzes with lofi edges that surround the alt-pop melodies supporting the nuances around GFS’s songwriting.

Pastiche – Bad Loser

The striking, pointed pop of Pastiche’s buzzsaw single ’Bad Loser’ is a track that demands your attention from start to finish.

Reevah – Nights

‘Nights’ closes out Reevah’s brand new E.P. Begin, Again, brings the record to a far-reaching ethereal ending as Reevah casts a captivating performance above the affecting music.

Sive – Winter

A wonderful piece of work from Sive, the sprawling lowlight folk of ’Winter’ finds the songwriter casting and creating a spellbinding sound glistening with icy overtones.

Ham Sandwich – Electro Wave

Ham Sandwich mark their comeback with sonic sea-change in the form of the colourful synth-pop sheen of ‘Electro Wave’.

Dark Tropics – Keep Searching

A highlight taken from Dark Tropic’s debut record. The rich harmonies, dark lyricism and slick pop songwriting of ‘Keep Searching’ all meld into one, resulting in a track that mirrors the hazy and noir-pop contrast of Ink itself.

Helen Murray – Move Me

A large-scale alt-pop ballad ’Move Me’ finds Helen Murray weaving a powerful central performance around an ambitious production and full dynamic sound.

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