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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra, Kynsy, Erica Cody, Gemma Bradley, Girl For Sale & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

Erica Cody – Queen

Erica Cody’s rich harmony-filled ‘Queen’ weaves its spell via a stylistically striking beat whereupon Cody layers a striking tapestry of lush R&B sounds.

Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra – Empty Envelope

Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra return with the jangled gem ‘Empty Envelope’. Set against a hazy, abstracting mood, the track has pointed sense of direction and tone.

Kynsy – Mr Nice Guy

‘Mr. Nice Guy’ finds Kynsy opening up the sonic scope with a far-reaching production that adds vivid colour to the artist indie-pop inflections as the song wraps itself around warping musicality.

Girl For Sale – Like Me Like That

Girl For Sale makes a compelling introduction with debut track, ‘Like Me Like That’. Enchanting in its bedroom-pop serenity, the song highlights a songwriter with a deft sense of texture and meaning.

Gemma Bradley – Better

Cast against a backdrop of slick R&B beats and gorgeous harmony, Gemma Bradley’s ‘Better’ has a confident sound that rests perfectly within the track’s smooth production.

Polly Barrett – Dark Garden

Gently set in its atmospheric-folk backdrop, Polly Barrett’s latest offering ‘Dark Garden’ twists and turns in tumbling mood-driven performance and songwriting.

Tolü Makay – Behaving Like A Lil B**

Tolü Makay’s ‘Behaving Like A Lil B**’ has an edge to it design around Makay’s fierce central performance as it plays against the equally powerfully beat.

Eiza Murphy – Movies

‘Movies’ moves at a slow-burn alt-pop pace. Alive with rising texture and deeply layered harmonies, Eiza Murphy’s new single has a dynamic edge brought to the fore by the artists powerful vocal.

A Ritual Sea – Saving Grace

Taken from A Ritual Sea’s stellar self-titled debut album (read TLMT’s full review – here), ‘Saving Grace’s a shorter offering, comparatively, the jangled, jolting backbone of the track perfectly juxtaposes the serenity of the vocals.

Rêves- Home

Rêves unveil the ambitious large-scale indie-pop track ‘Home’, bathed in high-stylisation the track moves from hook to hook with ease.

Nassim – Illusions

A big, ambitious R&B-pop sound surrounds the debut offering from Nassim, ‘Illusion’ moves with large-scale production, towering vocals and pin-point beats.

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