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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Erica Cody, Fia Moon, Leah Rose, Bobbi Arlo & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past week in Irish music.

Leah Rose – Dangerous Pink

Set against a neon shimmering backdrop, ‘Dangerous Pink’, the sophomore single from Leah Rose has a widescreen dark cinematic sound that sprawls out of the speakers and expands into a truly compelling sound.

Erica Cody – Back to Basics

Erica Cody makes a stylistically lush sonic leap with the slick new single ‘Back To Basics’. Resulting in Cody’s most compelling work to date.

Fia Moon – Simple

The hazy hushed mood and emotionally powerful performance at the heart of Fia Moon’s ‘Simple’ marks yet another stand-out single from an artist on the ascendancy.

Bobbi Arlo – Fever Thoughts

Bobbi Arlo continues to be one of the most exciting prospects on the Irish scene with the weighty sonic contorting and singular voice of new single ‘Fever Thoughts’.

Carrie Baxter – Something In The Water

Taken from Carrie Baxter’s forthcoming E.P. What Now, ‘Something In The Water’ is a joyously vivid track that weaves hooks and beats around honest, raw songwriting.

Photo: Bríd O’Donovan

Villagers – So Simpatico

Coming in at just over seven minutes, Conor O’Brien is at the height of his powers with ‘So Simpatico’, a song so big in scale and ambition that it’s hard not to smile whilst listening. Villagers brand new album Fever Dreams is out now.

Orla Gartland – You’re Not Special, Babe

Orla Gartland’s ear for blending a myriad of genre flourishes into a slick pop presentation is at its zenith, as the track changes sonically from one section to the next, all the while providing hooks along the way. Woman On The Internet is out now.

PRiiCE – Sweet Life

‘Sweet Life’ finds PRiiCE melding a myriad of sounds into one smooth tapestry as the duo delivering a track that demands to be put on repeat.

Varley – Misery

Set against a refreshingly summery indie-pop core, Varley’s ‘Misery’ is an instant jangled gem that is a pleasure to listen to from start to finish.

David Keenan – What Then? Cried Jo Soap

Our latest glimpse into the world of David Keenan’s forthcoming sophomore album, ‘What Then? Cried Jo Soap’ is snarled, gritty, growling track that rattles and hums throughout.

Jack O’Rourke Picture: Miki Barlok

Jack O’Rourke – Patsy

A beautifully set blend of performance and songwriting, Jack O’Rourke’s brand new single ‘Patsy’ is a song woven together with deep musicality, intimate lyricism and compelling vocals.

The Clockworks – Throw It All Away

The Clockwork’s bone-shaking new single ‘Throw It All Away’ comes rattling out of the speakers with a spiky sound that’s unrelenting in its precision.

Ward – Mona Lisa

A highlight from Ward’s new Strawberry Jam E.P, ‘Mona Lisa’ closes out the record with a vibrant blend of genres and lyrical weaving that showcases Ward’s ability to turn and twist a phrase.

Cheesmore – Your Room

A quick snap track, that moves at a pace with a beat that changes and evolves with each bar, Cheesmore’s ‘Your Room’ grabs the attention.

Somebody’s Child – Stubborn

An intricate wall of guitar rests behind Somebody’s Child new single ‘Stubborn’, as the indie artists pop sensibilities come to the fore on a track alive with sound.

Xona – In My Head

Basking in a serene sonic setting, the building beat and rising sound of Xona’s ‘In My Head’ is a track that centers around a captivating vocal and surrounds it with statement making beats.

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