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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Papa Rua, Villa In France, Delacy, Houseplants & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past week in Irish music.

Delacy – Rewind

 Taking shape via a wide array of vivid synth-pop melodies, textures and bears, Delacy unveils her sound in ‘Rewind’ highlighting a slick overall sound that packs a palpable impact.

Papa Rua – Yokes In The Liffey

The closing track from Papa Rua’s new E.P. 103, ‘Yokes In The Liffey’ is a tender offering twisted around lyrics that express the artists own internalisations.

Dermot Kennedy – Better Days

Dermot Kennedy makes his return with ‘Better Days’. Set against Kennedy’s ambitious alt-pop bluster, the single finds the song writer swinging for the fences once again.

Meljoann – I Quit

Taken from Meljoann’s new album H.R, ‘I Quit’ is a slice of contorted R&B entsngled in effects and the spiky undercurrent of its parent album.

Oscar Blue – Backyard Mafia

Oscar Blue’s ‘Backyard Mafia’ builds, twists and turns dynamic alt-pop around intimate subject matter with clarity.

Houseplants – Window Pane

Pulsing electronic beats punctuated by pops and clicks of texture work their way around serene vocals on Houseplants ‘Window Pane’.

Enola Gay – Through Men’s Eyes

The harrowing jagged post-punk of Enola Gay’s ‘Through Men’s Eyes’ creates an angular foundation for the song’s affecting themes. All bandcamp proceeds will go to Rape Crisis Northern Ireland.

Villa In France – Burned Out

Wrapped around an ominous brooding sound, Villa In France tense new single ‘Burned Out’ has weight to it’s mood driven milieu.

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