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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Sprints, Rowan, Modernlove, Varley & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past week in Irish music.

Avelina – I Only Hurt Me

 ‘I Only Hurt Me’. Cast across a tense backdrop of spacious atmospheric-pop the distant beats, growing textures and dominant vocal of ‘I Only Hurt Me’ all add to the song’s sense of place as the music builds at a slow-burn throughout.

Sprints – How Does The Story Go?

A song built from jagged angular edges, Sprints new single ‘How Does The Story Go?’ has a sound that rips itself right out of the speakers.

Modernlove – Come Over x

‘Come Over’ has a serenity within deep texture that further portrays the ambitious large-scale milieu of Mondernlove’s music.

Varley – One Two Three

Varley’s lowlight indie found on ‘One Two Three’ weaves a captivating sound around a mood-driven backdrop and emotive foreground.

Light Grey – Disassociate

Pop-punk act Light Grey add flourishes of synth-pop to their new single ‘Disassociate’. Weaving a lush over-arching sound, the duo has a defined character straight from the off.

Dunx – I Land At Sea

A twisting tapestry of indie-edged guitars, the darkly-lit sound and lingering croon of Dunx’s ‘I Land At Sea’ has a defined sense of place.

Rachel Mae Hannon – Closer

Vivid in its scale and scope, Rachel Mae Hannon’s lush sounding new single ‘Closer’ has instantly attention grabbing vibe.

Somebody’s Child – Crazy

The smooth jolt of ‘Crazy’ finds rising indie-pop artist Somebody’s Child adding a designed stylization to the mix with a track that highlights the hooks and melodies.

PRiiCE – Sunflower

PRiiCE make their debut with the twisting and turning alt-pop of their summery haze of ‘Sunflower’

Rowan – Never Walk That Way

A stand out track from Rowan’s new E.P. Every Body Talks, ‘Never Walk That Way’ shines as propellant piece of widescreen indie-rock that captures the trio’s sonic aspirations.

SYLK – Freaky

SYLK makes their return with all-encompassing electro-pop of ‘Freaky’. Centered around a weighty neon production that warps and contorts around the beat.

Cheesmore – Suffocating

The heart-on-sleeve atmosphere of Cheesmore’s ‘Suffocating’ results in a track built out of deep moods and tones.

Lorraine Nash – Wolves

A gently set offering from Lorraine Nash, ‘Wolves’ takes the form via a warm inviting folk production and central performance.

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