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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By KK Lewis, Odd Morris, Cherym, Pretty Happy & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past week in Irish music.

Odd Morris – The Once Was Enough

Odd Morris make their return with angular post-punk twisting and turning of ‘The Once Was Enough’. Set to a jolting beat and brooding vocals, the song makes for a welcome comeback from the band.

KK Lewis – Petals

KK Lewis latest offering takes shape within the starkly lit minimal pop of ‘Petals’, taken from her debut E.P. Dreaming. Atmospheric and deeply set, the song is woven in weighty performance and sounds.

Pretty Happy – Sudocream

Unrestrained feral punk comes blasting out of the speakers with Pretty Happy’s ‘Sudocream’. A primal scream of a song, the track is as expressive as it is aggressive.

Cherym – We’re Just Friends

‘We’re Just Friends’ finds pop-punk trio Cherym delivering yet again, with a song and sound that matches the ambition of the other. Slick pop-punk production wrapped around hook-based songwriting.

David Keenan – Sentimental Dole

David Keenan gives us a further glimpse into his forthcoming sophomore What Then?, with the biting political jolt of ‘Sentimental Dole’, a track that weaves words around the musical meaning.

Elephant – Nova Scotia

Elephant’s ‘Nova Scotia’ is a deep dive into slow-burn, tense soundscapes brought closer by an upfront vocal that dominates the foreground.

Ali Comerford – Come Home

Darkly lit and set upon a textural spacious undercurrent, Ali Comerford’s ‘Come Home’ has tension with both the songwriting and performance that makes the song truly compelling.

Laytha – What Will I Gain

Indie-folk duo Laytha make their spellbinding debut with the beautiful, hushed harmonies and handmade sound found on ‘What Will I Gain’.

Joshua Burnside & Laura Quirke – Rana The Fortunate

‘Rana The Fortunate’ is one of many gems to be found deep within the intricately crafted new E.P. In The Half Light from Joshua Burnside and Laura Quirke.

Reevah – Wildflower

Reevah weaves a gently set ballad with ‘Wildflower’. Intimate and intricate in its construct, the song plays out across a engrossing vocal from the artist.

Christian Cohle – Breathe Reprise

Christian Cohle takes the opening track from his stunning debut Holy Trouble and strips it bare to its essential elements. Highlighting the powerful songwriting at its core.

Presh & Rosie Timmon – Fly With Me

Presh & Rosie Timmon swing for the fences on the large-scale pop offering ‘Fly With Me’. Dynamically undulating, the song rises and falls behind a powerful vocal performance.

Ra Gerra – Whispers

The sharp shock and tumbling beat of ‘Whispers’ closes out Ra Gerra’s striking debut offering New Vessels, blending the duo’s singular music characteristics into one.

Marlae – Thrift Shop

The slow, neon buzz of ‘Thrift Shop’ finds Marlae traversing stark, minimalist synth-pop and melding it with a myriad of sounds that pulse with the music.

The Crayon Set – Summer Song

Taken from the Crayon Set’s forthcoming Downer Disco, ‘Summer Song’ sets a hazy backdrop whereupon the group can weave a delicately vivid sound around.

Lukewarmdaily96 – Peaching

Cast upon a fragile sound, Lukewarmdaily96’s evocatively performed ‘Peaching’ has a defined mood and tone to it that last long after listening.

D Lewis ft. Sarah McTernan – Summer Love

As vivid as it is ambitious, the sonically vibrant sound of ‘Summer Love’, hits with a strong line-up of hooks, harmonies and beat provided by D Lewis and Sarah McTernan.

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