TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Cosha, AONAIR, Pine The Pilcrow, The Altered Hours, Erica-Cody, Villagers & more

Cosha – Berlin Air

‘Berlin Air’ opens Cosha stunning debut Mt. Pleasant with a rhythmically lush soundscape that punctuates her captivating vocal. The blend between voice and beat is joyous to behold and plays into the album’s over-arching high stylization.  

AONAIR – Your Man

AONAIR’s sonically daring ‘Your Man’ is a song awash with ambition and deep pop textures, making for a truly engrossing listen every time.

Erica-Cody – Better Days

‘Better Days’ marks the return of Erica-Cody with a highly-stylized and powerful R&B sound that follows the rising artist’s instantly gripping vocal performance as it builds to an equally powerful ending.

Villagers – So Simpatico

Villagers delve deeper into the multi-musical, multi-textural sounds of proceeding singles, with the dreamlike ‘So Simpatico’. A wonderfully constructed piece, the song weaves its spell in a manner we come to expect from Conor O’Brien.

Maria Kelly – Good Enough

The delicate sound of ‘Good Enough’ is the kind of track that pulls you in with its fragility. Marking yet another brilliant songwriting turn from Maria Kelly, this offering is one to pay full attention to.

BK Pepper – Island (From An Empty Castle)

Taken from his forthcoming coming live E.P. From An Empty Castle, BK Pepper’s ‘Island’ is an intricately constructed piece of cinematic storytelling through captivating instrumentals.

Pine The Pilcrow – Black Hills

Pine The Pilcrow traverse expansive atmospheric folk landscapes with their tense new single ‘Black Hills’. Wrapped in layers of lush musicality, the song has long depth of field that moves from heartfelt vocals, punctuated drums and tightly woven instrumentation.

TV People – Out Of Silence

The propellant post-punk urgency of TV People’s dynamically twisted ‘Out of Silence’ makes for a tense, wholly atmospheric milieu.

The Altered Hours – Radiant Wound

The Altered Hours make their presence felt on the noise-driven contortion of ‘Radiant Wound’. A tightly tense affair, the band melding of pyshc, alt-rock and post-punk makes for a imposing wall of sound.

O’Sullivan – Dig Gold

Soaked in reverberating synth laden atmospheres, ‘Dig Gold’ finds songwriter O’Sullivan creating a world of sound that is all his own making.

Rónán Ó Snodaigh feat . Indistinct Chatter – Ar Ár Son

Capturing the imagination from the very first notes Rónán Ó Snodaigh’s ‘Ar Ár Son’ is a truly unique offering that grabs you with each passing second.

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