Review | “Few albums this year will pull you into its world more profoundly” Cosha – Mt. Pleasant

Few albums this year will pull you into its world more profoundly than Mt. Pleasant. Cosha’s debut is a celebration of sounds, vibes, and music itself. Capturing the imagination with an alluring array of vivid beats and immersive from start to finish, this a record to delve into fully. 

Mt. Pleasant is an album with a defined sense of self, creating a sonic space that lasts throughout. Set against a vibrant production that melds beats and vocals into a shared experience, the record patiently wraps you in a world of music that is constantly moving forward. ‘Berlin Air’ opens proceedings with a rhythmically lush soundscape that punctuates Cosha’s captivating vocal. The blend between voice and beat is joyous to behold and plays into the album’s over-arching high stylization.  

There’s a world of sonic colours at play also. Covering the entire spectrum, the twisting slow-burn of ‘Lapdance’ featuring Shygirl, the persistent soulful gestures of ‘No Kink In The Wire’, and sonically contorting banger ‘Run The Track’, all add new flourishes that rest upon the sublime R&B foundation of the album. 

However, ‘Do You Wanna Dance’ is where the tide hits the shore. A multi-layered track, the beat and vocal melding are at their most potent. Every word, rhymic twist, and hook all merge into one. Creating a song that captures Mt. Pleasants and Cosha’s passion for sound and rhythm in a way that is impossible to deny.  

And so it goes, Cosha’s Mt. Pleasant is all about the joyous motion of music itself. The feel, the mood, the way music plays with our own vibe. Cosha’s presence and love for the medium of music are undeniable. An artist with a vision of how her music sounds and feels, this debut marks a striking beginning. As I said before, Mt. Pleasant is an album that pulls you into its world, and after listening, you won’t want to leave.  


Mt. Pleasant by Cosha is due out on July 2nd

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