TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Slaney, Rosie Carney, CMAT, VJ Jaxson, ROE, & more

Lydia Ford – Not Gonna Be Friends

‘Not Gonna Be Friends’ finds songwriter Lydia Ford wrapping her sound within deep alt-pop textures that push and pull the track, moving from vivid hook to vivid hook.

Rosie Carney – Party Dress

Rosie Carney returns with the gently-set, atmospherically fragile sound of ‘Party Dress’. A piece of reflective songwriting sown together by Carney’s hushed vocal weaving.

Slaney – All I Want

Slaney’s ‘All I Want’ paints a dreamlike picture with the stylized dance aesthetic of the track melding perfectly with the artist enchanting vocal.

VJ Jaxson – Sweat and Tears

Melding indie and hip-hop, VJ Jaxson’s singular gritty sound comes to the fore on ‘Sweat and Tears’. Taken from his debut E.P. Finding Myself, the track has a clear creativity to it, that forms the foundation of VJ Jaxson’s music.

ROE – Cruel

ROE takes a giant sonic leap with the ambitious indie sound of ‘Cruel’. Maintaining ROE’s songwriting honesty, the track is striking stylistic sea-change that works completely.

Trophy Wife – Good Love

The hazy indie-pop of ‘Good Love’ covers a spectrum of sonic vibes as the dreamy core and sharp edges of Trophy Wife’s music make for a refreshing listen.

Ra Gerra – Indecisive

Delving into the lush beat of Ra Gerra’s ‘Indecisive’ makes for a compelling journey through stylish affected vocals, a growing array of textures and slow-burn moods.

CMAT – 2 Wrecked 2 Care

CMAT’s ‘2 Wrecked 2 Care’ is unflinching in its lyrical introspection. Contrasted with a lush alt-country sound, the track showcases the artists ability to music where the foreground and background compliment each other perfectly.

Leila Jane – Look Away From Our Creation

An entangled piece of alt-folk, Leila Jane’s ‘Look Away From Our Creation’ is a musically rapturous slice of songwriting from the artist.

VARLEY – The Pressure

Drenched in summery vibrant indie-pop, the dreamlike vibe of Varley’s ‘The Pressure’ contrasts a vivid sound with lyrical introspection, making for a compelling thematic and sonic meeting place.

Brí – If I Wasn’t Scared

Set to a slow jolt, the persistent movement found within Brí’s ‘If I Wasn’t Scared’ has a compelling sense of urgency that mirrors the lyrical themes at play.

Franki – Talk Again

Deeply textural, the electronic edges and pop core of Franki’s ‘Talk Again’ features in an E.P. stacked with genre melting bangers.

smallmint – Liv

A slice of angular Americana comes bounding out of the speakers with smallmint’s ‘Liv’. A well-crafted piece of songwriting, the band’s sound moves dynamically with each twist in the song’s tail.

Rushes – Funds

Featuring a colorful array of sounds, Rushes’ ‘Funds’ is an instantly engrossing listen. Inventive and individualistic, the track is brimming to the top with personality.

Laura Quirke & Joshua Burnside – Far Away The Hills Are Green

Providing a further glimpse into Laura Quirke & Joshua Burnside’s In The Half Light E.P, ‘Far Away The Hills Are Green’ has a handmade, intimate feel as if the pair are right in front of you performing their atmospheric indie-folk.

Photo credit: Leah O’Sullivan

Strange Boy – Sorrow

Taken from Strange Boy’s debut album Holy / Unholy, ‘Sorrow’ is the most affecting meeting place of performance and meaning. Capturing the unflinching self-honesty found throughout Holy / Unholy, the heart-wrenching powerfulness juxtaposed by fragility that is truly striking.

Kojaque – Town’s Dead

The title-track form Kojaque’s landmark new album, ‘Town’s Dead’ condenses the social and personal fury of the album itself, the buzz saw opening, building tension and distorting edges create the perfect setting for Kojaque. The whole song is quotable, as each line leads to the next with precision.

Saint Sister feat. Lisa Hannigan – The Place That I Work

Saint Sister have made their return with the truly captivating sophomore album Where I Should End, and at its core is the lowlight offering ‘The Place That I Work’, featuring Lisa Hannigan. Breathtaking from start to finish, the affecting atmospherics on display makes for a genuinely captivating listen. A masterclass in harmony weaving, the track lasts long after listening. 

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