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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Denise Chaila, Kojaque, Maeve, Rebekah Fitch, Xona, Aislinn Logan & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past week in Irish music.

Denise Chaila – 061

Choice Music Prize Winner Denise Chaila makes blasts back onto the scene with the quick snap wordplay and slick stylised beat of ‘061’, delivering an exciting glimpse at what’s to come.

Kojaque feat. Maverick Sabre – Casio

Delving deeper into Kojaque’s Town’s Dead, ‘Casio’ featuring Maverick Sabre threads the needle from previous single ‘Wicked Togues’ as the full scope of the parent album becomes more apparent.

Xona – When You’re Not Around

Xona returns with the layered pop multitudes of ‘When You’re Not Around’. Set against a deep production, Xona’s latest offering is a slick, highly-stylized affair.

Maeve – Jonah

An instantly enchanting sound comes flowing out of the speakers with the patient slow-burn of Maeve’s ‘Jonah’. Taken from the artists’ Caravaggio in a Corner Store, the track is as inventive as it is singular.

Aislinn Logan – Certain Days

Aislinn Logan delivers the rhythmically intricate sound of ‘Certain Days’. Contrasting the hazy textures and harmonies found within the backdrop, the track has a beat that grabs you instantly.

Rebekah Fitch – Goodbye

‘Goodbye’ finds songwriter Rebekah Fitch traversing an atmospherically deep ballad wrapped around a heartfelt vocal performance.

Modernlove – IMK (if you wanna see me)

A lush offering from Modernlove, the widescreen sound of ‘IMK’, makes for an engrossing listen as the song twists and turns texturally within the band’s multi-layered music.

Just Wondering – Beach Me

Sonically twisting and contorting, Just Wondering’s stylized ‘Beach Me’ is one of many summery gems found within the trio’s new mixtape Float Over.

Melina Malone – No Better Place

Melina Malone makes her return with the stylish R&B sound of ‘No Better Place’. A vivid music and performance forms to core of Malone’s latest offering, made all the more radiant by a soulful central vocal.

Smoothboi Ezra – Palm Of Your Hand

An intimate end to Smoothboi Ezra’s new E.P. Stuck, ‘Palm Of Your Hand’ is an affecting piece of raw songwriting from the artist that’s portrayed emotionally in both the lyrics and the performance.

Keeley – Last Words

Keeley’s ‘Last Words’ is angular indie-pop offering awash with the jagged tones and harmonies found within its parent E.P. Brave Warrior.

Lisa Keane – Love Me

Cast against a dreamlike alt-pop backdrop, Lisa Keane’s ‘Love Me’ has a emotionally honest core that fits perfectly within the electronic setting of the production.

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