TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Celaviedmai, Cat, Havvk, David Keenan, Aoife Carton & more

Cat – baby, blue

Cat’s sophomore single ‘baby, blue’ finds the artist traversing a highly-stylised electro-pop alive with layer upon layer of sonically slick sounds.

Photo credit Bekah Molony
Photo credit Bekah Molony

Celaviedmai – Heal

Celaviedmai’s heart-wrecning new single ‘Heal’ finds us exploring a new side of the artist within the dreamike production and emotionally raw lyricism.

Rowlette – Don’t Ask Me What I’m At

A joyously vibrant slice of jangled indie-pop, Rowlette’s ‘Don’t Ask Me What I’m At’ comes to life through bustling musicality and relatable songwriting from the artist.

Rachel Mae Hannon – Alright

A wonderfully mix blend of pop and neo-soul, the slick harmonies and beat of Rachel Mae Hannon’s ‘Alight’ makes a for a truly compelling listen from start to finish.

Cherry Dragon – Starlight

As smooth as they come, Cherry Dragon’s brand new single ‘Starlight’ takes shape behind a powerfully soulful vocal that lasts long in the mind after listening.

David Keenan – Bark

David Keenan gives us another glimpse into the forthcoming What Then?, with the tumbling and bustling sounds of ‘Bark’. A song as alive with creativity as its creator.

Aoife Carton – Not What I Am Into

A shimmering offering from Aoife Carton, the depthful beat, far-reaching textures and enchanting vocal on ‘Not What I Am Into’ takes the alt-country genre and twists it into something new and exciting.

Jack O’Rourke Picture: Miki Barlok

Jack O’Rourke – Opera On The Top Floor

Acclaimed songwriter Jack O’Rourke returns and weaves his unique expressionistic songwriting spell around brand new track ‘Opera On The Top Floor’.

Havvk – Automatic

Havvk make their return with the slow-burn and build of new single ‘Automatic’. Taken from their upcoming Levelling album, the angular buzz and pensive alt-rock of the track makes for an attention grabbing comeback.

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