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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Saige, Fya Fox, Leah Rose, Elkin, Avelina & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past week in Irish music.

Saige – What Should I Write

‘What Should I Write’ finds Saige delivering a heartfelt sound and song that rests upon a bedrock of deeply set vocal harmonies, distant textures and subtle atmospherics.

Fya Fox – Sunset

Fya Fox continues a run of stellar singles with the ambitious, building drama of ‘Sunset’. Featuring soaring vocal acrobatics, the production matches the performance every step pf the way.

Elkin – Clothes

With their new single ‘Clothes’, Elkin explore rape culture and victim blaming via a jolting angular pop beat, intricate vocal layering and raw lyricism.

Avelina – The Occult

Making a compelling introduction, Avelina’s ‘The Occult’ is a singular song filled with dark atmospherics, heightened tones, and ambitious production.

Leah Rose – Goodnight

Hazy, ethereal and captivating, Leah Rose’s debut offering is makes a striking first impression with a cinematically edged song, deeply set and delicately crafted. A very promising beginning.

Senu feat. Cidot – Tsumi

One of many centerpieces in Senu’s standout debut Jetlag, ‘Tsumi’ has a glitched urgent air to it that conveys many of the key textures of its parent record.

Nara – Venus De Milo

Set to a slow-burn, off-kilter beat, Nara’s ‘Venus De Milo’ has an instantly singular sound. Conveying the emergence of an exciting new artist, this track has a character and sound all of its own.

Elephant – Envy

‘Envy’ marks the return of Elephant. A song of exposed lyricism, vivid musical interplay and introspective vocal performance, Elephant’s comeback is an instant indie-gem.

Maria Kelly – Eight Hours

Maria Kelly’s intimate songwriting finds a home amongst the twinkling twlight sound of new single ‘eight hours’. Delicate in its performance and form, ‘eight hours’ is another compelling offering from Kelly.

Conchúr White – Dreamers

The title-track from Conchúr White’s forthcoming Dreamers E.P, the songwriters latest offering makes for a compelling blend of cut dynamism, big builds and powerful vocals.

Cherym – Listening to My Head

A stone cold punk-pop banger, Cherym’s ‘Listening to My Head’ is a short sharp shock of endless hooks, urgent guitar and slick songwriting.

Strange Boy – Prayers

Our second glimpse into Strange Boy’s debut offering Unholy / Holy, ‘Prayers’ finds the artist putting his outlook through a prism frantic wordplay and striking rawness above genre blending beats.

Enola Gay – Sofa Surfing

Enola Gay announce themselves with the rip-roaring, shuddered rumble of ‘Sofa Surfing’, a song that snarls and growls at the listener from beginning to end.

Rowan – Everybody Talks

Rowan unleash the vibrant interplay and bustling frustration of ‘Everybody Talks’. The title track from the band’s upcoming E.P, ‘Everybody Talks’ takes sonic twists and turns in the blink of an eye.

Rue – Into The Woods

Softly set alt-pop surrounds ‘Into The Woods’, the new single from Rue, a song with a spacious sense of reverb soaked hooks, harmonies and beats.

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