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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Scattered Ashes, Pastiche, Carrie Baxter, Reevah & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past week in Irish music.

Scattered Ashes – Parrallel Lines

The angular, unrelenting post-punk milieu of Scattered Ashes’ ‘Parrellel Lines’ demands the attention. From the crashing growled backdrop to the pointed foreground the track is a must listen.

Reevah – Daydreamer

Reevah makes her return with the glistening alt-pop of ‘Daydreamer’. Lead by a captivating and hazy vocal performance, the song rises and falls with dynamic twists and turns.

J Smith – In the Death of Something Beautiful

Taken from J Smith’s forthcoming (…) And you chose not to laugh, ‘In The Death of Something Beautiful’ takes shape via a strong depth of field, tumbling beat and soaring vocal.

All Tvvins – Something Special

‘Something Special’ finds indie-pop duo All Tvvins delivering a fast-paced, kitchen-sink track that is ambitious and alive with vivid sounds and beats.

Pastiche – Paraphernalia

Pastiche continues her ascendancy with the gritty electro-pop of ‘Paraphernalia’. a song bursting with confidence and attitude, the artist latest offering is the perfect follow-up and progression to her previous single ‘Heaven’.

Amy Naessens – Nothing Like You

Set to a slow-burn, Amy Naessens’ alt-pop ballad ‘Nothing Like You’ finds it center through Naessens softly set performance and delicate songwriting.

Whozyerman? – All The Time To Kill

Intricate in its design, ‘All The Time To Kill’ by Whozyerman? is a song with a foundation of invention and creativity, put through the prism of abstraction.

Olivia Burke – Anybody Else

Olivia Burke’s highly-stylized new single ‘Anybody Else’ makes a lasting impression as the slick production, subtle harmonies and a precise central vocal.

Four Nights – Not This Time

Four Nights’ ‘Not This Time’ has a deep sense of space and sound. Cast across a powerful backdrop the song weaves a compelling trail of beats, hooks and dynamic hits.

Carrie Baxter feat. Jack Tyson Charles – I Wasn’t Looking For You

The stylistic milieu of Carrie Baxter’s ‘I Wasn’t Looking For You’ featuring Jack Tyson Charles is hard to deny. A sleek soul track with a pair of vocal performance that match the moment.

Sky Atlas – Stone

Building patiently, Sky Altas’ ‘Stone’ rests upon a deep-seated foundation of musicality and layered weaving that makes for a compelling soundscape to delve into.

Enda Gallery – I Want Liberation

Alive with funk led flourishes, Enda Gallery’s ‘I Want Liberation’ is a tightly woven tapestry of genre blending, all-out production and style.

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