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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Cosha, Dark Tropics, Hex Hue, Bantum, Hallie, Fears, Inhaler & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past week in Irish music.

Cosha – Run The Track

Cosha gives us a pulsating glimpse into her upcoming debut Mt. Pleasant. Refreshing to listen to and alive with vivd sound, this single needs to be put on repeat.

Hallie – Remedy

Hallie constructs a slow-burn soundscape with ‘Remedy’. A single built upon a hazy, breathless mood, there’s a real sense of space and place to the alt-pop inflection of the music.

Bantum – New Leaf

Unrelenting funk is the order of the day with Bantum’s brand new single ‘New Leaf’. The first single from his forthcoming E.P, this song is soaked in vibrant beats, rising synths and forward motion.

Dark Tropics – Keep Searching

Dark Tropics dreamlike ‘Keep Searching’ is a sublime slice of pin-point pop-noir. Moving from one dynamically differing passage to another the music wraps itself neatly around a captivating vocal layer.

Local Boy – Brain feat. Sick Nanley

Taken from Local Boy’s Local Boy Helps Himself E.P, ‘Brain’ feat. Sick Nanley captures the slick sonic milieu of its parent record a highly contrasted beat and augmented harmonies.

Hex Hue – Aquiver

Cast across a vivid, ambitious backdrop of widescreen production, Hex Hue’s powerfully layered new single ‘Aquiver’ has irrepressable sense of creativity to it.

Fears – Fabric

The peak of Fears’ stunning debut record Oíche, ‘Fabric’ takes shape via a minimalist scope put through a prism of emotionally honestly that emanates within the album.

YinYang – Poison Darts / Boyish Charms

Yinyang’s ‘Poison Darts / Boyish Charms’ growls out of the speakers with a gritty, brooding beat matched by unrestrained, raucous performance from the artist.

Rêves – It’s Not Me

‘It’s Not Me’ is an indie-gem in the making. Rêves create a slice of jangled, melodically rich, hook-filled musicality with a single stays with you long after listening.

Emma Horan – 3 Words

Emma Horan’s hazy new single ‘3 Words’, finds the artist delivering a shimmering pop sound surrounded by refreshing hooks and beats.

Cruel Sister – My Forever

Cruel Sister’s sonically contorting single ‘My Forever’, is an abstracted, dreamlike offering alive with texture, tone and mood that engulfs the foreground and the background.

Inhaler – Who’s Your Money On? (Plastic House)

Inhaler knock it out of the park once again, with the swaggering ‘Who’s Your Money On? (Plastic House)’. A song that lives up to the band’s growing status and hype.

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