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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Fears, Ra Gerra, KK Lewis, Orla Gartland & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past week in Irish music.

Fears – Fabric

Alive with sounds that pop and click in and out of focus, ‘Fabric’ gives us a vivid, textured glimpse into Fears’ forthcoming album Oíche that is all about motion.

KK Lewis – First Bus Home

KK Lewis’ ‘First Bus Home’ that delves into an inviting slow-burn alt-pop sound that sways back and forth gently around Lewis soulful vocal.

Xona – Waiting

An expansive music comes to the fore in Xona’s deeply woven new single ‘Waiting’. Set against a large-scale sense of depth, Xona’s vocal takes centre stage as the track rises and falls with lasting hooks and beats.

Sarah Michelle – For All The Things Lost

A beautifully set instrumental soaked in atmosphere, intricacy and reverb, the multi-layered tapestry off obscured sounds found in Sarah Michelle’s ‘For All The Things Lost’ is a joy to delve into.

Silent Ghost – Outpatient Fantasy

Surround in a fragility that sprawls across the intimate core of Silent Ghost’s ‘Outpatient Fantasy’, the sound and production match the songwriting and performance perfectly.

Elkae – Girls Like You Like Me

A lush offering from Elkae, ‘Girls Like You Like Me’ shimmers from start to finish with a defined production that switches hooks, beats and melodies in the blink of an eye.

Sun Collective ft. Gemma Doherty – Ogham Scars

An intricate music comes flowing out from Sun Collective’s ‘Ogham Scars’. Featuring Gemma Doherty, the track creates and builds a soundscape that reaches far into the textural backdrop of the music.

Ra Gerra – Pressure

Ra Gerra’s sophomore release ‘Pressure’ contorts with ominous electronic sounds that rest with tonal restlessness beneath a bristling delivery of interlocking wordplay that melds thematically and sonically with the beat.

Orla Gartland – Zombie!

A restless music comes bursting forth on Orla Gartland’s fast-paced new single ‘Zombie!’, conveying the need to outwardly express repressed emotions the song finds Gartland delivering a powerhouse performance that captures the meaning.

Ugolino – Early Hours

A hazy blend of alternative hip-hop, far-reaching vocals textures and jazz-infused overtones Ugolino’s ‘Early Hours’ makes for a compelling music that has real weight to it.

Sorcha Fahy – No Sleep

A soaring vocal performance takes centre stage on Sorcha Fahy’s epically set single ‘No Sleep’. A dynamically charged sound builds around Fahy throughout, making for an ambitious and enchanting music.

Joshua Burnside – Higher Places

The title-track from Joshua Burnside’s forthcoming Higher Places, the handcrafted harmonies, warm indie-folk and compelling core of Burnside’s latest offering result in an engrossing glimpse into its parent album.

Strange Boy – Waiting

Raw, bare-boned and exposed. Nothing is held back or hidden on Strange Boy’s striking new single ‘Waiting’. Honest in every way possible.

Lydia Ford – Feel It For You

A serene slice of alt-pop from Lydia Ford, ‘Feel It For You’ is a vibrant, richly coloured offering from the artist built around a strong backdrop of hooks and beats.

Alyxis – Mine

Taken from Alexis’ RUSH E.P, the abstracting beat, snapping backbone of clicking sounds and angular vocals found in ‘Mine’ make for a truly singular sound that twists and turns with each passing moment.

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