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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Saint Sister, Halli, Soda Blonde, Cat & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past week in Irish music.

Saint Sister – Karaoke Song

Saint Sister add a shimmering serene synth-pop flourish to their music with the dreamlike air of ‘Karaoke Song’, taken from the duo’s forthcoming album Where I Should End. The track marks the addition a bold stylistic thread to their sound.

Æ Mak – New Friend

The buzzsaw beat of ‘New Friend’ takes on a contorting sonic shape as Æ Mak returns with a warping, melting and twisting track filled with surrealist tones, curiosities and textures.

Cat – Slipping

The debut offering from alt-pop artist Cat, ‘Slipping’, takes shape via a slow-burn, contorting sound that forms an evolving undercurrent beneath a deeply layered foreground of captivating vocals.

Lucy Gaffney – Star Sign Lover

Blending a jangled haze with aery indie, Lucy Gaffney’s spacous new single ‘Star Sign Lover’ has a widescreen sound that subtly evolves around Gaffney’s compelling lead vocal.

Was Man – The Zodiac Speaking

Inspired by David Fincher’s classic thriller Zodiac, Was Man’s ‘The Zodiac Speaking’ is an expressionistic slice of songwriting focusing on the artists voice and multi-layered storytelling, all of which plays above a glistened indie-folk sound.

For Those I Love – To Have You

Taken from For Those I Love’s groundbreaking self-titled album (read TLMT’s full review – here), ‘To Have You’ captures the records, and the indeed the artists, vital impassioned tone with a music that matches the weight of every word.

Soda Blonde – Small Talk

The title-track of Soda Blonde’s upcoming debut album, ‘Small Talk’ takes on a wide-open cinematic scale as the band deliver a music soaked in deep synth-pop atmospherics and pulled into focus via a enthralling vocal performance.

Halli – Your Love (My Way)

A deeply textured melding of abstract minimalist-pop surrounds the instantly imagination capturing new single from Halli, ‘Your Love (My Way)’. This latest offering from Halli once again makes the case for the artist rising prominence.

Havvk – No Patience

Jagged, angular edges punctuate Havvk’s latest single ‘No Patience’ as the band create a whirlwind sound that builds in tension and dynamism.

NewDad – Waves

The title-track and finale of NewDad’s incendiary new E.P, ‘Waves’ finds the band honing their spikey alt-rock into sprawling, slow-burn dreampop territory.

Rooue – Bad Blood

Closing out a trio of striking alt-pop singles, Rooue’s ‘Bad Blood’ finds the duo weaving their lush harmony rich music around a warping production that moves around vocals in kind.

Conor Scott – Need

Closing out Conor Scott’s brand new E.P. Life Now, ‘Need’ is built within a delicate milieu and puhes out via Scott’s centre-stage taking vocal resulting in a suitably strong end to the record.

Riley Holland – Say It First

A vivid, vibrant and refreshing electro-pop offering from emerging songwriter Riley Holland, ‘Say It First’ is an ambitious track that introduces us to an artist with a lot of promise.

The Clockworks – Feels So Real

Propellant indie with a defined backbone, the Clockworks new single ‘Feels So Real’ clicks into place via an unrelenting undercurrent, building guitars and pin-point vocals.

Dunx – One Of Us

Set beneath a tide of heavy atmospherics, the weighty dersert-blues sound of ‘One of Us’ finds alt-rock artist Dunx casting a long foreboding sonic shadow within a song that tumbles and rolls with dynamism.

NÍV – Home

Set to a serene. folk backdrop, the gentle air, lush harmonies and intimate tone of NÍV’s ‘Home’ make for an inviting listen that pulls you into its hushed soundscape.

Ghostking Is Dead – I Don’t Need Help

Sonically warped and twisted, Ghostking is Dead casts a flurry of stylistic flourishes across his new single ‘I Don’t Need Help’.

Travi the Native – Love Doesn’t Stand A Chance

Travi the Native blends a milieu of contrasting textures around his dreamy alt-pop music. On ‘Love Doesn’t Stand A Chance’, these obscured edges wash in, out and around a beautifully set core.

Sun Collective feat. Lisa Hannigan & I Have A Tribe – Wild

What a treat this is to listen to. Deftly woven elements work their way around one another within Sun Collective’s gorgeous new single ‘Wild’ featuring Lisa Hannigan and I Have A Tribe.

Cronin – Bank Of Love

Cronin returns with the swing for the fences crowing and indie of ‘Bank Of Love’. Filled with a big-music ambition, the retro-pop foundation, intricate songwriting and full-bodied vocals make for an attention grabbing listen.

Cussen – Reignite

A melting pot of style and sound, Cussen’s genre melting single ‘Reignite’ twists and turns in the blink of an eye.

Akilo feat. Sylk – Going Nowhere

The debut track from Akilo featuring electro duo Sylk, ‘Going Nowhere’ is a ambient tinged atmospheric-electronic offering built from mood and patience.

Peter Doran feat. Haley Heynderickx – Blue Mountains

Peter Doran and Haley Heynderickx weave a wonderfully gentle slice of folk with their duet ‘Blue Mountains’. Simply a joy to listen to.

Brí – More Than

Texturally led and atmospherically deep, the softly conveyed scope of Brí’s new single ‘More Than’, crackles with emotively driven music and wordplay.

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