TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Inhaler, New Pagans, Sen & more

New Pagans – Lily Yeats

Taken from New Pagans seminal debut album The Seed, The Vessel, The Root and All (out today – read TLMT’s review here), ‘Lily Yeats’ is a highlight in a record full of them and conveys the jagged melding of music and meaning that permeates throughout.

Inhaler – Cheer Up Baby

One of Ireland’s most exciting bands, Inhaler make their presence felt with the fiery new single ‘Cheer Up Baby’. A tour de force track that reenforces the group’s fully-realised ambitious sound.

Twin Diver – Television

Twin Diver’s angular post-punk sound bustles from the duo brand new single ‘Television’. A jolting and tense affair, the single has a brooding undercurrent that rises with each passing second.

Senu feat. Jamel Franklin – S3

A scatter-shot beat flows form Senu’s latest offering ‘S3’. Formed around a contorting, warping backdrop, Jamel Franklin dominates the foreground with a performance as hard-hitting as the music.

Seba Safe – Lamont Lament

Pulsing yet serene, the contrasting indie-folk bedrock of Sea Safe’s hushed new single ‘Lamont Lament’ casts itself across an atmospherically set core sound.

Chasing Abbey – Defeated

Chasing Abbey return with the vivid buzz of ‘Defeated’. Almost effortless in its hook-based vibrancy, the instantly attention grabbing melding of melody and beat is a compelling one.

Clannad feat. Denise Chaila – In A Lifetime (live)

In a live reimagining of Clannad classic 1985 duet with Bono ‘In A Lifetime’, Denise Chaila cuts a haunting presence within the ethereal drama of Clannad’s music, creating a truly breath-taking collaboration.

VJ Jaxson – Call of Faith

A raucous, rich multi-layered, genre blending music comes bustling out of the speakers on VJ Jaxson’s ‘Call of Faith’, featuring an emotionally turbulent and raw vocal from the artist.

May Rosa – Ceasefire Baby

An emotionally wrought new single form May Rosa, inspired by the late Lyra McKee’s article Suicide of the Ceasefire Babies, ‘Ceasefire Baby’ is a song filled with layered moods and tones beneath a powerful vocal.

Susie Blue – May God Forgive You

Closing out Susie Blue’s latest E.P. Boys Boys Boys, ‘May God Forgive You’ finds the songwriting moving into more ambitious indie territory, introducing flourishes of synth and big swing for the fences choruses into the fray.

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