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Q&A | Dea Matrona

Dea Matrona talk to The Last Mixed Tape about their recent performance as part of the IMBOLC series

What’s the last song you listened to?

Tom Petty – I Need To Know

What artist or album has gotten you through lockdown the most?

I listened to Joni Mitchell a lot during lockdown and Blue was definitely the album that got me through the first lockdown, I was listening to it religiously

What’s influencing your music right now?

So many things! Nature, the people in my life and I’m constantly discovering new music. This week I’ve been listening to a lot of Neil Young, Sheryl Crow, U2 & Johnny Cash

Tell us about IMBOLC. How did you get involved with this project?

We were asked to take part and it was immediately something we were really interested in. The Celtic theme was right up our street as it’s something that is of big interest to us.

What do you hope people take away from your performance?

This performance gave us an opportunity to show the more stripped backside to our act.  Most people know us for our energetic songs which we love to play but sometimes it’s nice to switch it up and play acoustic music

IMBOLC is available to watch on RTE Player now with performances from Ciara Meade, Dea Matrona Emma Langford, Erica Cody, Matrona, Síomha, Lisa Lambe and Wyvern Lingo and hosted by MayKay.

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