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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Narolane, Kojaque, Babylamb & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past week in Irish music.

Conchúr WhiteVocation Vacation

Set to an intricate slow-burn indie sound, Conchúr White’s ‘Vocation Vacation’ plays across a darkly lit production and is brought into focus by White’s intensely portrayed vocal.

Laura Elizabeth Hughes – Two

Taken from Laura Elizabeth Hughes’ stunning new E.P. We, Myself, I, ‘Two’ is a softly set piano ballad that finds it centre in the captivating and emotionally weaved songwriting and vocals.

Somebody’s Child – Brother

Closing out Somebody’s Child brand new E.P. Hope, Amongst Other Things, ‘Brother’ growls with an intense rhythm and brooding production, all which surrounds a powerful vocal performance.

Ailbhe Reddy feat. Sacred Animals – City Unfolds

Ailbhe Reddy makes her return with the heavy atmosphere of ‘City Unfolds’ featuring Sacred Animals. Cast within a strong depth of field, the track marks a bold stylistic shift in sound for Reddy.

Narolane – Water

Denise Chaila, GodKnows & Murli meld their singular sounds and voices into the seismic new single ‘Water’. Alive with rhythm, harmony and wordplay, the track is compelling from start to finish.

Kojaque – No Hands

Effortlessly engrossing, the raw lyricism of Kojaque’s ‘No Hands’ finds introspection and observation in its beats, words, and central performance.

Manamon – In A Frame

A dynamically charged offering, Manamon’s texturally weighty ‘In A Frame’ comes alive with angular guitar work, sharp edged beats and contrasting vocals that meld together to create a large-scale indie sound.

Why-Axis – Shoulders

A short, sharp, shock but no less vibrant offering from Why-Axis, ‘Shoulders’ makes for an instantly striking listen as both the artist and the music shine bright.

Lauren Bird – Farewell

A gentle, harmony-led closing title-track from Lauren Bird’s new E.P. The Farewell, the handmade folk sound and heart-on-sleeve songwriting of ‘Farewell’ is an inviting listen.

Babylamb – Mister Magic

Joyously vivid, Babylamb swing for the fences with the bubble-gum sound of ‘Mister Magic’, delivering a lush electro-pop song alive with hooks and beats.

soul Malay

Tolü Makay – Used To Be

Tolü Makay’s ‘Used To Be’ isa raw, down-to-the-bone return from the artist made all the more powerful by Makay’s vocal which stands out strongly throughout.

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