TLMT’s Monthly Mixed-Tape | February 2021

Franki – are u gonna

A vivid offering from Franki, ‘are u gonna’ has a vibrancy to its sound brought to life by a melodically rich beat, hook laden songwriting and smooth vocal delivery.

Four Nights – Grow So Cold

Four Nights returns with the serene synth-pop of ‘Grow So Cold’. Surrounded by lush electronic textures that centre around engrossing vocals, the track has a deeply set mood.

Pastiche – Heaven

An all-out pop offering from Pastiche, ‘Heaven’ swings for the fences as the artist delivers a full-bodied vocal above the sonci spectrum filling production.

Sam Wickens – Murky Waters

A brooding, darkly lit offering from Sam Wickens, the growling, screeching backdrop of ‘Murky Waters’ melds perfectly with Wicken’s slow brun vocal performance.

Sun Mahshene – The Righteous One

A hypnotic psych sound comes tumbling out of the speakers during Sun Mahshene’s ‘The Righteous One’, built from floating vocals, persistant beats and a great wash of distorted guitars.

Lazyrevs – Tidal Wave

An affecting sound comes from the captivating and foreboding ‘Tidal Wave’ by Lazyrevs, set against a turbulent backdrop the track leaves a lasting impression.

Laura Elizabeth Hughes – Days

A beautifully set return wrapped in a delicate atmosphere and weaved in emotionally affecting songwriting, Laura Elizabeth Hughes’ ‘Days’ is a powerful offering from an artist on the ascendance.

For Those I Love – Birthday / The Pain

There can be no doubting that For Those I Love is one of the countries most exciting new voices, the artist’s latest track ‘Birthday / The Pain’ contrasts a vivid production with hard-hitting lyrical rawness.

Aoife Carton – Who Am I Today

Aoife Carton’s vivid new single ‘Who Am I Today’ finds the songwriter returning with a striking new sound filled with the vibrancy of creativity, making for an instantly compelling listen.

Christian Cohle – Holy Trouble

Our final glimpse into Christian Cohle’s forthcoming debut album Holy Trouble, the title track conveys the weight, emotively and sonically, that Cohle has established early in his career. A brooding piece that builds the anticipation ahead of its parent album’s release.

Étáin – bone house

Set against a backdrop of dreamlike, hazy repose Étáin makes creates a deeply captivating introduction with the subtle indie-folk of ‘bone house’.

Milk – You & I

A sonically contorted blend of sounds, Milk’s new single ‘You & I’ is filled with contrasting textures that add sharp edges to the hooks and melodies that make the music so engrossing.

Cherym – Kisses On My Cards

Cherym deliver a short, sharp, shock with the gritty ‘Kisses On My Cards’. Set against a bone rattling clash of drums and angular guitars, the song has an urgency and sense of forward motion to it.

Robert John Ardiff – Tightrope Walker

‘Tightrope Walker’ finds songwriter Robert John Ardiff delivering a delicate lyrical honesty surrounded by an organic musical backdrop that follows the meaning of the song perfectly.

Dani Larkin – Love Part Three

Dani Larkin continues a run of truly compelling single releases ahead of her debut album Notes For A Maiden Warrior, in the shape of ‘Love Part Three’ Larkin’s powerful songwriting and voice take centre stage in a song that builds slowly and deliberately.

N.O.A.H feat. Booka Brass – Darkest Hour

A big bold swing for the fences from N.O.A.H, ‘Darkest Hour’ is an ambitious offering from the band centred around big choruses, pounding beat and added layers of sonic colour by Booka Brass.

Fí – Over You

A highly-stylised, slick offering from Fí, ‘You & I’ is pin-point pop from the artist that moves with ease from hook to hook over a lush production.

Amerik feat. Gareth Dunlop – Bouquet

A sublimely set track, the atmospheric pop of ‘Bouquet’ takes a patient mood and creates a deep intricate sound built upon a sense of space for each vocal, beat and melody.

Fya Fox – Body

A mood-driven slice of slow-burn alt-pop, Fya Fox comes into her own with the brooding feel of ‘Body’, as the artist creates a sound that has effortlessly captivating energy to it.

New Pagans – Harbour

Providing a further glimpse into New Pagans’ forthcoming debut The Seed, The Vessel, The Roots And All, ‘Harbour’ contains the group’s unrelenting visceral sound within a track that is uncompromising and propellant.

Havvk – Home

Havvk makes their return with the restless buzzsaw sound of ‘Home’. Taken from the band’s forthcoming sophomore album, the angular dynamic music of comeback single is a striking sign of things to come.

Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra – I Didn’t Love You When I Said I Did and I Don’t Now

Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra deliver a spikey alt-rock sound with ‘I Didn’t Love You When I Said I Did and I Don’t Now’. Blasting through a haze of jangle guitar, the bristling music is pulled into focus by a powerful vocal.

J Smith feat. Nnic – I’m Sorry

Set to a slow-burn pulse, J Smiths’ ‘I’m Sorry’, which features a guest vocal from Nnic, is a lush offering where the subtle musicality of the track deftly melds with gentle songwriting.

Ward – In Two Minds

A sonically rich offering from Ward, ‘In Two Minds’ melds a myriad of sounds into one slick milieu that has an endlessly smooth vibe to it.

Greywind – Am I Asleep?

Soaked in atmosphere, Greywind’s ‘Am I Asleep?’ has a multi-layered depth of field that finds the duo blending their alt-rock foundations with a texturally rich backdrop.

Happyalone – Let’s Run Away

Centred around a spiky, growled indie sound, Happyalone’s ‘Let’s Run Away’ takes on a turbulent sound that plays with the gritty production and hooky choruses.

Christian Cohle – Ghost

Taken from Christian Cohle new album Holy Trouble, released today and reviewed by TLMT – here, ‘Ghost’ captures the dynamic twist and turns at the core of Cohle’s truly impressive debut.

Vale – All Rise

A bold harmonically layered music occupies Vale’s ‘All Rise’. Awash with reverberant soundscapes, this track has an instantly unique sense of individuality.

Moon Looks On – Carry You, Carry Me

A full-bodied folk offering from Moon Looks On, ‘Carry You, Carry Me’ has a handmade intimacy that is hard to ignore as the songwriting and overall sound meld within an inviting track.

Sun.Set.Ships – Truth

Sun.Set.Ships have returned with the deeply set indietronic ‘Truth’. The trio’s comeback single is emotionally tense and cast across a production with a real sense of weight.

A. Smyth – Rain Boys

Opening A.Smyth’s debut record Last Animals (read TLMT’s full review – here), ‘Rain Boys’ sets the scene for an album with a strong sonic and thematic undercurrent.

Elkin – Kismet

Elkin have undergone a seismic sonic sea-change in the texturally deep shape of ‘Kismet’. An abstract slice alt-pop, Elkin redefine themselves with a compelling new sound.

Æ Mak – Jamie

Taken from the forthcoming Class Exercises EP, ‘Jamie’ finds Æ Mak creating a rumbling, growling sound shaped by a heavy undercurrent, punctuating beats and vocal weaving.

Slaney – Chameleon

A refreshing slice of vivid pop hooks, melodies and beats, Slaney returns with the colourful sonic flousihes of ‘Chameleon’, resulting an instantly captivating offering from the rising pop artist.

NewDad – Slowly

NewDad return with the icy and dynamically charged new single ‘I Don’t Recognise You’, centred around intricate bedrock of woven guitar lines, rise and fall drum beats and a enthralling vocal, the band once again highlight why they are such a compelling new prospect on the scene.

Laoise – To Do:

Taken from Laoise’s brand new E.P. Healthy, ‘To Do:’ is a tender and lyrically introspective alt-pop ballad at the heart of the E.P. that showcases Laoise’s raw songwriting edge.

Fears – Vines

Awash with great waves of texture, Fears slow-burn and tense new single ‘Vines’ has a patient brooding mood that builds with each passing emergent beat and distant vocal.

KK Lewis – Good Enough

KK Lewis delivers an intricate sound on ‘Good Enough’. Impactful and confident, the track has strong backbone built around Lewis powerful vocal push and pull.

Bobbi Arlo – Feel it

A joyfully vivid sound comes bursting out of the speakers with Bobbi Arlo’s ‘Feel It’. Alive with hooks, lush beats and pin-point production, the song is brought to the fore by Arlo’s soulful vocal performance.

Carrie Baxter feat. Nealo – Without You

A stylistically smooth offering from Carrie Baxter, ‘Without You’ wraps a rich neo-soul sound around Baxter’s glistening vocal and juxtasposed by Nealo’s pin-point wordplay.

Wyvern Lingo – Sydney

Taken from Wyvern Lingo’s brilliant sophomore album Awake You Lie (out now – read TLMT’s full review here), ‘Sydney’ highlights the contrasting dynamic and sonic colours that move and flourish throughout the trio’s latest record.

Marlae – Heartache

An attention grabbing offering from Marlae, the buzzing electronic backdrop and hushed vocal found on ‘Heartache’ create a striking contrast for the song to build upon.

Midnight Wayne – It’s Alright, Hold On Tight

A vibrant retro synth-pop sound emanates from Midnight Wayne’s lush new single ‘It’s Alright, Hold On Tight’. Set against a backdrop of highly-stylised production, this track is one that begs repeating.

Jackie Beverly – Headlights

Jackie Beverly intimate re-imagining of James Vincent McMorrow’s ‘Headlights’ finds its power in the gentle presence of Beverly’s heartfelt vocal as it takes centre-stage and conveys the emotive core of the lyrics.

Rebekah Fitch – Loose Ends

A truly powerful performance lies at the core of Rebekah Fitch’s ‘Loose Ends’, built from a dyanmically leading vocal and a swing for fences production, the track is a stand-out.

Mide Houlihan – Without Me

Mide Houlihan delivers a striking turn on the single ‘Without Me’, lyrically intricate and subtle, the track has a precise sense of self conveyed in Houlihan’s centred vocal.

Orian – What Pulls You

A soaring yet emotionally wraught offering from Orian, the dramatic lifts and falls of ‘What Pulls You’ makes for a striking release from the artist.

Kevin Herm Connolly feat. Bennie Reilly – Underneath

A gently set offering from Kevin Herm Connolly, the raw emotive sound of ‘Underneath’ finds the songwriting and guest vocalist Bennie Reilly delivering a deeply emotive performance atop a layer indie-folk sound.

Afterbliss – Kiss & Tell

Afterbliss deliver an ambitous sound on the turbulent new single ‘Kiss & Tell’, set around a full-bodied production, the track packs a punch via the band’s tightly woven interplay.

Emiji feat. Sandra Maria – Unspoken

An enchanting offering soaked in far-off reverberating atmosphere, Emiji’s beautiful piano work wraps perfectly around Sandra Maria’s captivating vocal on ‘Unspoken’.

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