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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Havvk, New Pagans, Fya Fox, Greywind & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past week in Irish music.

Fya Fox – Body

A mood-driven slice of slow-burn alt-pop, Fya Fox comes into her own with the brooding feel of ‘Body’, as the artist creates a sound that has effortlessly captivating energy to it.

New Pagans – Harbour

Providing a further glimpse into New Pagans’ forthcoming debut The Seed, The Vessel, The Roots And All, ‘Harbour’ contains the group’s unrelenting visceral sound within a track that is uncompromising and propellant.

Havvk – Home

Havvk makes their return with the restless buzzsaw sound of ‘Home’. Taken from the band’s forthcoming sophomore album, the angular dynamic music of comeback single is a striking sign of things to come.

Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra – I Didn’t Love You When I Said I Did and I Don’t Now

Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra deliver a spikey alt-rock sound with ‘I Didn’t Love You When I Said I Did and I Don’t Now’. Blasting through a haze of jangle guitar, the bristling music is pulled into focus by a powerful vocal.

J Smith feat. Nnic – I’m Sorry

Set to a slow-burn pulse, J Smiths’ ‘I’m Sorry’, which features a guest vocal from Nnic, is a lush offering where the subtle musicality of the track deftly melds with gentle songwriting.

Ward – In Two Minds

A sonically rich offering from Ward, ‘In Two Minds’ melds a myriad of sounds into one slick milieu that has an endlessly smooth vibe to it.

Greywind – Am I Asleep?

Soaked in atmosphere, Greywind’s ‘Am I Asleep?’ has a multi-layered depth of field that finds the duo blending their alt-rock foundations with a texturally rich backdrop.

Happyalone – Let’s Run Away

Centred around a spiky, growled indie sound, Happyalone’s ‘Let’s Run Away’ takes on a turbulent sound that plays with the gritty production and hooky choruses.

Christian Cohle – Ghost

Taken from Christian Cohle new album Holy Trouble, released today and reviewed by TLMT – here, ‘Ghost’ captures the dynamic twist and turns at the core of Cohle’s truly impressive debut.

Vale – All Rise

A bold harmonically layered music occupies Vale’s ‘All Rise’. Awash with reverberant soundscapes, this track has an instantly unique sense of individuality.

Moon Looks On – Carry You, Carry Me

A full-bodied folk offering from Moon Looks On, ‘Carry You, Carry Me’ has a handmade intimacy that is hard to ignore as the songwriting and overall sound meld within an inviting track.

Sun.Set.Ships – Truth

Sun.Set.Ships have returned with the deeply set indietronic ‘Truth’. The trio’s comeback single is emotionally tense and cast across a production with a real sense of weight.

A. Smyth – Rain Boys

Opening A.Smyth’s debut record Last Animals (read TLMT’s full review – here), ‘Rain Boys’ sets the scene for an album with a strong sonic and thematic undercurrent.

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