TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Fia Moon, Rooue, Orla Gartland, Alex Gough, Carrie Baxter & more

Fia Moon – Falling For You

Fia Moon returns with the gently-set ‘Falling For You’. Taking shape via subtle, airy production, this ballad rests behind Moon’s powerful and emotionally driven vocal.

Rooue – Flavour

The sophomore single from alt-pop duo Rooue, ‘Flavour’ is a joyously vivid offering built upon a pin-point prodution, instant hooks and intricate vocal layering.

Alex Gough – That’s My Job

A rumbling, tumbling hip-hop track taken from Alex Gough’s Forever Classic, ‘That’s My Job’ has a snapped sound to it that allows Gough’s wordplay to weave effortlessly around.

Orla Gartland – More Like You

Set to a pulsing backdrop, Orla Gartland’s ‘More Like You’ has an atmospheric-pop tone to it that’s pulled forward by Gartland’s hushed vocal as it draws you closer.

Carrie Baxter – Pray

A gritty, lo-fi R&B offering from Carrie Baxter, ‘Pray’ is made captivating by Baxter’s tone and timbre as her voice melds perfectly with the deeply textured music.

The Crayon Set – Moment

‘Moment’ finds the Crayon Set blending their indie-pop sound with great washes and spiraling electronic soundscapes, creating a depth to the track overall.

Ria Rua – Bad Girl

Ria Rua’s ‘Bad Girl’ has a growled electronic sound to it that warps and contorts with the beat and evolving vocal textures, giving the music an added edge.

Loraine Club – Stresshead

Built from a hazey, deeply textured music, Loraine Club’s ‘Stresshead’ has an instantly captivating core sound that addds a dreamlike quality to the music.

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