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Music especially brings people into such a special intensity of presence that it’s so wonderful to celebrate that” – Loah

What’s the last song you listened to? 

That Was the Worst Christmas Ever by Sufjan Stevens

What song, album or artist has gotten you through lockdown the most? 

The holy trinity of Rhiannon Giddens, Moses Sumney and Sufjan Stevens.

You’ll be hosting Other Voices: Home at the Guinness Storehouse. How important are nights that showcase culture like this, at this time? 

In our living memory there hasn’t been a year this hard for the arts, that equally shows how important they are to the morale of the whole country. Music especially brings people into such a special intensity of presence that it’s so wonderful to celebrate that, bring people home in their hearts and minds, and to remind us to continue supporting arts and culture in the years to come, perhaps at a level like never before. 

Is there a particular performance that you’re looking forward to the most? 

I am so excited for everyone on this bill because they’re all artists I am independently a fan of, and I think having the Crash Ensemble there will add a particularly exquisite level of gorgeousness to the evening.

What draws you to Other Voices and the events they do? 

They never fail to create this certain magic that is at once both celebratory and heart-wrenching. I even get nostalgic watching back Other Voices gigs moments I might have even been present at!!! It’s in the vision, the choice and curation of artists, the settings, the crew and how they make everything look, sound and feel, and the team at the helm who make it that way from inception to fruition.

With 2021 only a month away, what are your hopes for the year ahead? 

I hope that we can begin to be around the people we love again, that gigs will return, but also that no matter what comes our way we’ll have the resilience to get through it.

Other Voices: Home At The Guinness Storehouse will take place on Wednesday, December 16th. Performances on the night include MC’s MurliGodknows, Denise ChailaSorcha Richardson,Conor O’Brien (aka Villagers), Mango X MathmanJack O’Rourke,The Mary WallopersCrash Ensemble, Sean PottsDoireann GlackinJoseph O’Connor and more.  To view, simply go to the Other Voices Social channels for links to the live stream.

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