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Saint Sister & Lisa Hannigan team-up on the harmony rich ‘The Place That I Work’

Saint Sister and Lisa Hannigan have collaborated on the new single 'The Place That I Work'

“I wrote this song while I was working as a Christmas temp in Dublin’s oldest book shop, Hodges Figgis. One day a friend, who I hadn’t seen since we had a misunderstanding, came in and caught me completely off guard. I was, all at once, angry that we hadn’t talked for months and that they had chosen now, to come to where I worked to make peace, but also undeniably relieved and happy to see them, to know we were still friends.” – Saint Sister’s Morgan MacIntyre on ‘The Place That I Work’

Saint Sister and Lisa Hannigan create the dream team on the brand new single ‘The Plae That I Work’. Soaked in a harmony-rich atmosheric-folk sound, the scale and depth of the track runs right through the interwoven vocals, shimmered backdrop and suitably far-reaching production.

“After a few attempts at an arrangement, it seemed like it should be quite free and driven by the vocals, possibly a cappella. We’re so used to singing as a duo and creating vocal harmony with two voices, but with three voices you can find a real sense of completion within the chords. When we started thinking of it in three-parts, the first voice that came to mind was Lisa’s.” – Saint Sister’s Gemma Doherty

A compelling melding of genres, styles and voices, Saint Sister and Lisa Hannigan’s ‘The Place That I Work’ is the type of song to surrender yourself to and give your full attention.

The Place That I Work by Saint Sister featuring Lisa Hannigan is out now. A new album from Saint Sister is due in 2021.

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