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TLMT’s Monthly Mixed-Tape | November 2020

The Last Mixed Tape looks back at the last four weeks to pick out some of the stand-out tracks coming out of Ireland featuring Wyvern Lingo, Laoise, Celaviedmai, Sorcha Richarson & more

Laoise – Movies

The hazey atmosperic alt-pop of Laoise’s ‘Movie’ finds an artist on the ascendancy via a mood-driven production wrapped around vivid songwriting.

Nnic – Looking For Love

Nnic offers a minimal-pop re-imagining of the Everything But The Girl classic ‘Looking For Love’, brought to life by vivid beats, lush textures and soulful vocals.

Celaviedmai – Known Better

There is nothing by-the-numbers about Celaviedmai or her latest offering ‘Known Better’. The type of track that dmeands to be heard, ‘Known Better’ has a definite bite to it.

NewDad – I Don’t Recognize You

Set against a wash of alt-rock saturated guitars, the dreamlike ‘I Don’t Recognize You’ moves through the malaise with harmincally rich dynamic builds and falls.

Ra Gerra – Terrified

One of the most sonically inventive tracks of 2020, the soundscape collage of Ra Gerra (a new project from Murli & Kobina) takes shape within glistening sounds and quick snap interplay of the vocals.

Grwl – Overstayed

A softly set bedroom-pop offering from Grwl, the smokey sound of ‘Overstayed’ weaves an enchanting spell and introduces Grwl as an artists with a deft sense of self.

Shiv – Letting You Know

Super smooth from the first bars, Shiv’s ‘Letting You Know’ rests in subtle music that rightfully plays to the instantly captivating power of Shiv’s voice.

Tandem Felix – The Assassination

Tandem Felix returns with the sprawling genre melding of ‘The Assassination’. Traversing melting pot of stylistic flourishes, true to form Tandem Felix weaves a lyrically intricate tale around an effortlessly vivid music.

Orla – Close To Me

Gently delivered and ambitous, the debut single from soul-pop artist Orla has depth, emotion and power to it. A strong stylistically charged beginning.

Moylan – Winter

A warm folk sounds flickers from Moylan’s latest single ‘Winter’, wrapped up in a handmade production, building strings and Moylan’s gently set vocal.

Eoin Glackin – El Dorado

With a touch of Josh Ritter circa The Animal Years, Eoin Glackin’s warm Americanan storytelling makes for an inviting listen on ‘El Dorado’.

Jake Vale – Bad Habits

Atmospherically soaked and awash with waves of textural alt-pop prodcution, Jake Vale’s ‘Bad Habits’ has a strong individualistic backbone.

Milk – I Hate The Way You’re Looking At Me (Lately)

Milk makes their return with melodically and texturally rich ‘I Hate The Way You’re Looking At Me (Lately)’, a track that finds the band surrounding their music in a lush production.

Smoothboi Ezra – My Own Person

Smoothboi Ezra delivers an intimate, serene sound on the slow-burn indie track ‘My Own Person’. With its spacious sound, the track focuses in on the raw honesty of the songwriting.

New Atlas – Roses

Highly stylized and sonically deep, the intricate sound of ‘Roses’ portrays the vivid sound of New Atlas’ music as the song is brought to the fore by a powerhouse vocal.

Omonoko – Weight In Gold

Inventive and instantly grabbing, ‘Weight In Gold’ makes for a compelling listen from Omonoko as they weave around stark-edged sounds around unique music.

Dani Larkin – Samson & Goliath

Taken from Dani Larkin’s forthcoming Notes for A Maiden Warrior album, ‘Samson & Goliath’ is a totally enchanting offering filled with vivid songwriting, jangled indie-folk and an outstanding central vocal performance.

Scattered Ashes – Love Is Not An Option

A turbulent post-punk brutalism runs through Scattered Ashes debut offering ‘Love Is Not An Option’, fueled by an unrelenting wave of growled noise the track is an instantly impactful one.

Ryan Vail feat. Ruth McGinley – Chrysalism

A tranquil atmosphere reverberates around Ryan Vail latest offering ‘Chrysalism’ introduced by the soft-spoken performance by Ruth McGinley.

Irish Women In Harmony – Together At Christmas

Irish Women In Harmony return with the shimmering Xmas charity single ‘Together At Christmas’ in aid of ISPCC Childline featuring a host of Ireland’s most exciting artists. TO DONATE €4 NOW TEXT CHILDHOOD TO 50300.

BK Pepper – Alerts

A highlight from BK Pepper’s Territories, ‘Alerts’ fades into focus and introduces the subtle cinematic sound its parent record in a patient and precise way.

Just Wondering – Drive

A slick sound comes from the speakers on Just Wondering’s ‘Drive’, sounding fully in control of their sound the trio construct music where every element has a defined place and space.

JyellowL -Tunnel Vision

The pointed determination of ‘Tunnel Vision’ where JyellowL truly knocks it out of the park on his new album 2020 D|Vision with a beat that highlights the highly-stylised sound that emanates throughout, and a snarled performance from JyellowL that’s a rip-roaring showcase of an artist at the height of his powers. 

Christian Cohle – Drown Me Slow

Set to a stark electronic pulse, Christina Cohle beguiling vocal takes centre stage throughout ‘Drown Me Slow’, a song that tempered by the artist’s powerful presence.

Sprints – Manifesto

A track that’s ripping apart at the seams, Sprints’ ‘Manifesto’ is racous new single that pushes forward with a fuzz-ridden core and almost feral sound.

Fya Fox – White Lies

Fya Fox debuts with the far-reaching alt-pop of ‘White Lies’. Cast against a strongly stylised production, Fya Fox’s vocal is a powerful one that weaves around the music adding an emotive edge.

Lilla Vargen – Blueprints

A depthful sound emanates from Lilla Vargen’s ‘Blueprints’. Wrapped around Vargen’s heartfelt vocal and reverb soaked backdrop, the song is a compellingly powerful offering.

Melina Malone – Realize

A slick, highly-stylised neo-soul track, Melina Malone’s ‘Realize’ makes for an intricate listen as Malone’s lush vocal enchants with each deftly woven harmony and lasting melody.

Sorcha Richardson – Starlight Lounge

Sorcha Richardson makes her return with the dreamlike ‘Starlight Lounge’. Blended with a glistening production, Richardson’s ability instantly emotive music is highlighted once again in this shimmer-filled setting.

Trophy Wife – Art

The title-track from Trophy Wife’s new E.P, ‘Art’ is a texturally layered offering that finds the artist creating a sonically evolving music that wraps perfectly around the intimate songwriting.

Magazines – Pink & Blue

Magazines deliver a kaleidoscopic, dream-pop prism with their latest single ‘Pink & Blue’. Awash with jangled melody, hazy vocals and snapped beats, the track is an instantly lasting one.

Columbia Mills – Car Crash TV (Ryan Vail Remix)

Bursting out of the speakers with a bone-rattling beat, the contrasting textures, electronic statements and gritty underccurent of Ryan Vail remix of ‘Car Crash TV’ is delivered with a growl.

Strange Boy – The Pope

A turbulent, tumbling sound comes from Strange Boy’s ‘The Pope’. From its biting wordplay to Strange Boy’s snarled delivery, the track is as compelling as it is cutting.

Basciville – Calvary

Basciville return with the rumbling indie-folk of ‘Calvary’. Set to a deep, dramatic tone, the song is a compelling dive into the duo’s emotive music that rises and falls through atmospheric soundscapes.

Bitch Falcon – Martyr

The centrepiece from Bitch Falcon’s debut offering Staring At Clocks (read TLMT’s full review – here), ‘Martyr’ portrays Bitch Falcon’s ability to push and pull the outer limits of their dynamic core to create striking statements with sudden sonic twists and turns.

Chanele McGuinness – Dreams

Chanele McGuinness makes her return with the softly set single ‘Dreams’. Cast across a glistening indie-folk backdrop, McGuinness’ voice weaves an enchanting spell throughout.

Wyvern Lingo – Rapture

Released with the news of a sophomore album Awake You Lie due for release in February 2021, Wyvern Lingo’s ‘Rapture’ has a twilight texture built from softly portrayed vocals, powerful dynamics and intricate songwriting.

Hex Hue x Avro Party – Anyway

Build out of a backdrop of multi-layered electronic textures, a beat that ebbs and flows with 80s electro-pop inflections, and a powerful vocal performance that moves with each stylistically strong flourish, the single is a tour de force of emotive, hazy, and dreamy synth-pop brilliance.

Columbia Mills – Mirrors On The Front Seat ( Remix)

Get Well Soon reimagine Columbia Mills ‘Mirrors On The Front Seat’ with a cinematic feel. A sprawling, wide-open sound reverberates through Get Well Soon’s remix that adds to the songwriting’s core sense of drama.

Crome Yellow – Pocket Protector

‘Pocket Protector’ is a jangled, indie-pop gem from Crome Yellow’s sophomore album No Friends Or Mirrors that’s awash with quick change dynamics, weaving guitars, and big choruses.

James Vincent McMorrow – Gone

‘Gone’ finds James Vincent McMorrow building outwards around a vivid, intricate beat that undulates dynamically around McMorrow’s texturally contrasting verse/chorus vocals.

Four Nights – Nothing To Say

A sonically warping debut offering from Four Nights, ‘Nothing To Say’ is a stylistically bold track that rests upon strong layers of effected vocal harmonies.

Feef – Who Are You?

A dreamlike offering from Feef, ‘Who Are You?’ creates serene lo-fi folk mood with an intimate, handmake feel.

Luunah – Houston

Taken from Luunah’s self-titled album, ‘Houston’ has a shimmering production that moves around Luunah’s music to create a wonderfully vibrant sound.

Jafaris – Beggar

A quick-snap, short, sharp, shock from Jafaris’ new E.P. I Love You But I’m In A… Mood, ‘Beggar’ showcases the undeniable flow of Jafaris.

Elaine Malone – You (1000 Beasts Remix)

A wonderfully mood-driven sound emanates from 1000 Beasts remix of Elain Malone’s ‘You’, from the warped synth line, crashing beat and Malone’s soaring vocal, the track is soaked in atmosphere.

Party Fears -Time In Space

Party Fears deliver a jangled, dream, haze of a track with ‘Time In S[ace’, built on sharp-edged textures resting on deep indie atmospherics.

Slinky (Remix) – Coolgirl

Coolgirl’s sprawling reimagining of Varsity Star’s ‘Slinky’ takes on a cinematic air as the driving synthwave of the music builds a world in and of itself.

Michael Hopkins – Real Love

A serene debut solo offering from Michael Hopkins, the slow-burn groove of ‘Real Love’ lives within a spacious electronic music that drifts nicely from section to section.

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