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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Christian Cohle, Melina Malone, Sprints, Sorcha Richardson, & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past week in Irish music.

Christian Cohle – Drown Me Slow

Set to a stark electronic pulse, Christina Cohle beguiling vocal takes centre stage throughout ‘Drown Me Slow’, a song that tempered by the artist’s powerful presence.

Sprints – Manifesto

A track that’s ripping apart at the seams, Sprints’ ‘Manifesto’ is racous new single that pushes forward with a fuzz-ridden core and almost feral sound.

Fya Fox – White Lies

Fya Fox debuts with the far-reaching alt-pop of ‘White Lies’. Cast against a strongly stylised production, Fya Fox’s vocal is a powerful one that weaves around the music adding an emotive edge.

Lilla Vargen – Blueprints

A depthful sound emanates from Lilla Vargen’s ‘Blueprints’. Wrapped around Vargen’s heartfelt vocal and reverb soaked backdrop, the song is a compellingly powerful offering.

Melina Malone – Realize

A slick, highly-stylised neo-soul track, Melina Malone’s ‘Realize’ makes for an intricate listen as Malone’s lush vocal enchants with each deftly woven harmony and lasting melody.

Sorcha Richardson – Starlight Lounge

Sorcha Richardson makes her return with the dreamlike ‘Starlight Lounge’. Blended with a glistening production, Richardson’s ability instantly emotive music is highlighted once again in this shimmer-filled setting.

Trophy Wife – Art

The title-track from Trophy Wife’s new E.P, ‘Art’ is a texturally layered offering that finds the artist creating a sonically evolving music that wraps perfectly around the intimate songwriting.

Magazines – Pink & Blue

Magazines deliver a kaleidoscopic, dream-pop prism with their latest single ‘Pink & Blue’. Awash with jangled melody, hazy vocals and snapped beats, the track is an instantly lasting one.

Columbia Mills – Car Crash TV (Ryan Vail Remix)

Bursting out of the speakers with a bone-rattling beat, the contrasting textures, electronic statements and gritty underccurent of Ryan Vail remix of ‘Car Crash TV’ is delivered with a growl.

Strange Boy – The Pope

A turbulent, tumbling sound comes from Strange Boy’s ‘The Pope’. From its biting wordplay to Strange Boy’s snarled delivery, the track is as compelling as it is cutting.

Basciville – Calvary

Basciville return with the rumbling indie-folk of ‘Calvary’. Set to a deep, dramatic tone, the song is a compelling dive into the duo’s emotive music that rises and falls through atmospheric soundscapes.

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