Watch | Gemma Dunleavy ‘Up De Flats’

“I’ve been very protective of my up bringing because it’s been shown in a bad light. But in reality it’s the best gift I could have ever got.

So now I don’t just want to be protective of it, I want to shout it out. I do free singing classes and every time I end doing cart wheels coming out of it because I’m so proud and blown away by the talent the kids from my area have.” 

– Gemma Dunleavy interview with The Last Mixed Tape (February 2020)

The title-track of Gemma Dunleavy’s outstanding debut E.P, ‘Up De Flats’ visualises the record’s core sense of community, roots, and what it means to the art Dunleavy creates via a montage of hazey imagery from her neighbourhood in Sheriff Street, Dublin.

One of the highlights of 2020, Gemma Dunleavy’s ‘Up De Flats’ is a moving melting pot of abstracted R&B set to a widescreen production, unique soundscapes and Dunleavy’s silk textured vocal.

Gemma Dunleavy will headline the Grand Social, Dublin in March 2021. Up De Flats E.P. is out now.

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