Watch | Jackie Beverly ‘Sea Glass’

Photos by Ciaran O’Brien

“As a professional overthinker, I am pretty used to having my thoughts follow me around all the time, so I wanted to play on that idea.

At the start of the day the thoughts are bearable and at times pleasant even, but as the day progresses they take on a more sinister, menacing role. We had such a fun time making this, I hope you enjoy it!”

– Jackie Beverly on the ‘Sea Glass’ music video

Jackie Beverly has just released the self-directed music video for her fifth single, the elegantly tempered ‘Sea Glass’.

Mirroring the music’s intense atmospherics, the ‘Sea Glass’ video finds Beverly being haunted by spirits and trying to escape them. Representing our own internalisation and how it follows us throughout the day.

Released last month, to considerable acclaim, Jackie Beverly’s ‘Sea Glass’ is an atmospheric slice of electro-folk that finds the songwriter’s work wrapped up in a deft, texturally deep production. The single itself is out now via Spotify.

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