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Review | “the sound of poetry and prose” JyellowL – 2020 D|Vision

The Last Mixed Tape reviews 2020 D|Vision, the debut album from JyellowL

An album like 2020 D|Vision, is what music is all about. Its foundations shake with experience, one that’s individual to JyellowL but made relatable by the artists turn of phrase brought to life by an electric central performance. This is the kind of record that gives us an impression of life through a unique prism. 

Two things are apparent from the get-go, one is how precisely stylised the sound of 2020 D|Vision, the other the how slick JyellowL’s wordplay is above it. From the glistening, soulful beat of album opener ‘2020’, the artist lays it all out with lines like “my vision was blocked by the edifice, so I pegasus before I manifest my pen in this.” Add to this the tinge of melancholy to the music, and we’re given the portrait of a person figuring things out on their own terms. 

And, 2020 D|Vision is a JyellowL. Every song reverberates with the energy of an artist who has a defiant sense of who they are. Tracks like ‘Jewels’ burst out of the speakers with, “I found love in places full of hatred”, while the beat that shares the same confidence. The same conviction is portrayed above the syncopated of ‘Change’, as JyellowL states, “I’m not prone to failing, but I was told I was overrated.” Indeed, while this lyrical nerve is essential to the album as a whole, it’s JyellowL’s performance that sells it (see the quick-snap verses of ‘Got Me’).

But its in the pointed determination of ‘Tunnel Vision’ where JyellowL truly knocks it out of the park. Closing 2020 D|Vision with a beat that highlights the highly-stylised sound that emanates throughout, and a snarled performance from JyellowL that’s a rip-roaring showcase of an artist at the height of his powers. 

And so it goes, 2020 D|Vision is the sound of poetry and prose. The type of record that if you went into it not knowing who or what JyellowL is about at the beginning, you’d have absolutely no doubt by the end. You can’t ask for more than that.  


2020 D|Vision by JyellowL is out November 20th.

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