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“If music can effect you then it’s doing something right in my opinion” Lucy Gaffney – Q&A

Lucy Gaffney recently spoke to The Last Mixed Tape about her latest single 'Send Me Away'.

What’s the last song you listened to?

Middle Kids – ‘Bought it‘ : my drummer Paddy just sent it to me to listen to last night. I really love it, it’s got a great vibe from start to finish.

What artist or album has gotten you through lockdown the most?

Kurt Vile.

I really only properly got into his music since lockdown started. ‘Bassackwards’ and ‘Wakin On A Pretty Day’ are my favourite tracks. It resonates with me how his songs are like stepping into a conversation, they always pick me up and make me feel zen.

What’s influencing your music right now?

Mostly my mood influences how I write I guess. I’ll start by strumming a few chords on the Martin in an empty room and I’ll get a wash of melodies drift into my head while I look out the window. My writings getting more raw and the feel is more personal since listening to more Courtney Barnett and Devendra Banhart.  How i write and what style a songs takes always goes on how a chord resonates with how I’m feeling.

Tell us about your new single ‘Send Me Away’. How was it written?

I wrote it mid rehearsal actually. Someone was playing some bass notes and then some snare rolled in and it kick started a vibe for me. I like to get a feel off everyone else in the studio and then start writing melodies over the mix of sounds, then I’ll take it away and nail it into a song when I’m on my own with my acoustic generally. 

Send Me Away, is about a daydream, the feeling of wanting someone, not being totally sure whether they’re right for you, but kind of just letting the thought of it take you away. 

What would you like people to take from listening to ‘Send Me Away’?

I guess just to get lost in it and see how it makes them feel. If music can effect you then it’s doing something right in my opinion, it should always make you feel something. The spark at the beginning grabs you in and then you can drift off as it goes on. 

Send Me Away by Lucy Gaffney is out now.

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