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TLMT’s Monthly Mixed-Tape | October 2020

The Last Mixed Tape looks back at the last four weeks to pick out some of the stand-out tracks coming out of Ireland featuring Denise Chaila, April, Jackie Beverly, Kynsy, Loah, Sprints, & more

Orchid Collective – Thunder
Ocrhid Collective return with the vivid and serene offering ‘Thunder’. A track awash with deep soundscapes and powerful beats, this new single is a most welcome comeback.

Ailbhe Reddy – Late Bloomer
Taken from Ailbhe Reddy’s debut album Personal History (read TLMT’s full review – here), ‘Late Bloomer’ is a gentle introspective snapshot from an record filled with deeply relatable and emotional songwriting.

Kynsy – Happiness Isn’t A Fixed State
A jagged, angular sophomore offering from Kynsy, ‘Happiness Isn’t A Fixed State’ has a full-scale sound with a real weight to it that rests brilliantly behind Kynsy’s scene stealing vocal.

Oliver Cole – You Were The Right Turn
Olive Cole gives us a glimpse of his forthcoming solo album Father Brother Son in the shape of the widescreen Americana soaked single ‘You Were The Right Turn’.

Denise Chaila feat. Murli – Go Bravely
The title-track from Denise Chaila’s brand new mixtape, ‘Go Bravely’ moves with the artists’ defiined sense of self as both the music and the words flow with a singular confidence.

Rooue – What You Want
The debut offering from alt-pop duo Rooue, ‘What You Want’ makes a stylish first impression via slick production, well-crafted hooks and engrossing vocal interplay.

Modernlove – Use Me
Highly-stylised and ambitous, Modernlove make their return with the sprawling ballad ‘Use Me’ which finds the group delivering contrasting dynamics and textures.

Orwells 84′ – She Is So Sweet
A handcrafted indie-folk sound swirls around Orwells 84 ‘She Is So Sweet’, offering a glimpse into the band’s new E.P. Truth Is The First Victim.

A. Smyth – Don’t Let Me Down
‘Don’t Let Me Down’ makes for a turbluent dynamic release from A. Smyth. Brimming to the top with building guitar lines, contrasting verses and choruses, and a fast yet hushed vocal, the track leaves a captivating impression.

Carron – Borrowed Life
Set against a sprawling backdrop of slow-moving textures, the shimmering feel of Carron’s ‘Borrowed Life’ finds the duo delivering a serene and deeply enchanting music.

Skanger – Condolences
Dripping with atmosphere, ‘Condolences’ takes on a slow-burn feel melded with a patient obscured vocal that becomes apart of the songs’ great textural backdrop.

Jehnova & Lod feat. Uly – hwlcky
Cast across a mellow production, ‘hwlcky’ is a sonically rich offering from Jehnova & Lod where every line, beat and harmonies feels like part of a bigger picture.

Loah & Bantum – NGLA
Set against a strong array of electronically charged textures, the electro-ethereal feel of ‘NGLA’ finds Loah and Bantum melding their defined sonic characteristics into one.

Sprints – Drones
Gritty, turbulant and unrelenting, Sprints new single ‘Drones’ is has a buzzsaw energy that can’t be ignored and serves as the band’s best work to date.

Lydia Ford – A Year
Lydia Ford makes her return with the hazy, dreamlike feel of ‘A Year’. Awash with serene atmospherics and a captivating vocal from Ford, the track is vivid offering from a songwriter on the upswing.

Fia Moon – Let This Go
Hot on the heels of her stand-out Ireland Music Week set (read TLMT’s review – here), Fia Moon proves exactly why she’s such a promising prospect on the Irish music scene with the expansive alt-pop sound of her new single ‘Let This Go’.

Erica Cody ft. Hare Squead – Calculated
‘Calculated’ marks the return of Erica Cody with a lush production that allows the artist to open her music up to a wider more depthful oveall sound that meets the ambition behind it.

Lucy Gaffney – Send Me Away
With its contrasting fuzzing backdrop and dream-pop like overtones, Lucy Gaffney’s ‘Send Me Away’ is instantly captivating via the layers of texture and Gaffney’s enthralling vocal.

Alex Tierney – Painkiller
Alex Tierney’s sophomore single finds the rising songwriter building on his debut with the deep atl-pop ballad ‘Painkiller’ as Tierney’s conveys a murity beyond his relatively short career so far.

Tolü Makay – Wild Thang
Taken from Tolü Makay’s brand new E.P. Being, ‘Wild Thang’ is a song dripping with style and on-point musicianship that centres around Makay’s soulful vocal harmonies.

Arborist – The Mountain Will Come To You
A gently set indie-folk track soaked in atmosphere, ‘The Mountain Will Come To You’ is beautifully immersive offering from Arboirst.

BK Pepper – Colours
An absorbing glimpse into BK Pepper’s upcoming debut album Territories, the cinematic instrumental weight of ‘Colours’ has layers upon layer of atmosphere to delve into.

Paddy Hanna – Howling At The Duke Of York
Taken from Paddy Hanna’s latest album The Hill (read TLMT’s full review – here), ‘Howling At The Duke Of York’ plays into the album wider grainy cinematic edge via a song engulfed in merging sounds.

Elkae – Signal
A serene journey through stylised disco beats, funk guitars, and big vocal harmonies, Elkae’s ‘Signal’ is an expansive evolution in sound from the songwriter.

EFÉ – Garden
A highly stylised and slick sounding new single from EFÉ, ‘Garden’ lives within a mileu of lush harmonies and blended production.

Rejjie Snow, Snoh Aalegra & Cam O’bi – Mirrors
A song that melts, the lush sound of ‘Mirrors’ is a vivid blend of tempered beats, flowing words and hidden melodies that once again establish the brilliance of Rejjie Snow.

Dyvr – Lights Off
A simply gorgeous track to listen to, everything about Dyvr voice and sound speaks to a dramatic, weighty music filled with atmosphere and consequence.

Nimf – Space
Brimming to the top with invention and creativity, Nimf’s ‘Space’ has a defined sonic character to it that permeates through the tracks big open sound filled with pops and clicks of evolving sounds.

Tebi Rex & Awkward Z – Aaaagh
A track that just rolls right out of the speakers, ‘Aaagh’ opens Tebi Rex new E.P. Brackets with a clear highlight that finds the duo pushing their sound ever forward.

Inhaler – When It Breaks
Inhaler release another statement making single in the shape of ‘When It Breaks’. A short sharp shock of a track, the band’s latest offering uses every second of its three minute forty runtime with not a moment wasted.

We Cut Corners – Moon Landing
With its buzzsaw sound, urgency in dynamism and sharp production, ‘Moon Landing’ captures to the fore sound of We Cut Corners new E.P. Muscle Memory.

Under Tears – Good Drying Weather
‘Good Drying Weather’ carries a stark, ominous sound that carries across in every picked note and weaves itself around Under Tears central vocal performance as the song builds and drops to a compelling degree.

Laoise – Healthy
Laoise makes her return with the sublime pop of ‘Healthy’. A highly-stylised offering the track is awash with deep texture, lush production and vocal twists and turns.

JyellowL – Tunnel Vision
JyellowL delivers a quick-snap sound with his latest single ‘Tunnel Vision’. The latest glimpse into the artists forthcoming 2020 D|Vision album, the song has urgency and pointedness to it that’s impossible to ignore.

Seamus Fogarty – Jimmy Stewart
Taken from his forthcoming album A Bag Of Eyes, ‘Jimmy Stewart’ finds Seamus Fogarty creating a serene yet pulsating folk sound that undulates dynamically throughout with Fogarty’s gritty songwriting style taking centre stage.

Brí – Burying
A full-scale, ambitious sound surrounds Brí’s ‘Burying’. Cast across a dramatic soundscape, Brí’s central performance keeps focus throughout with a beguiling delivery.

Rowan – Attica
‘Attica’ is an atmospherically deep and mood-driven offering from Rowan that builds patiently and evolves into a sprawling widescreen indie sound.

Anna Mullarkey – Alright
Awash with sound, Anna Mullarkey’s ‘Alright’ floats along with a flowing piano, moving rhythms and distant vocal harmonies that engulf the track in waves.

For Those I Love – Top Scheme
There can be no denying the sharp, raw momentum of Top Scheme’, its the type of track that seems like it took every ouch of energy from For Those I Love to make it, and you can hear that in every word.

St. Bishop – Dreaming
Returning with the swing for the fences alt-pop of ‘Dreaming’, St. Bishop undergoes a sonic sea change and evolves his songwriting and sound with a track that feels like it meets the ambition behind it.

Eve Belle – Cut Throat
A highlight from Eve Belle’s brand new album In Between Moments, ‘Cut Throat’ takes all the emotive alt-pop honesty that resides in the record’s undercurrent and brings it to the fore.

Kieran Ring – Summer Moon (Should I Be Wrong)
A propellant electronic soundscape pulsates throughout ‘Summer Moon (Should I Be Wrong), taken from Kieran Ring’s The Sweetest Kill the track creates expansive music that fills the sonic spectrum.

Jackie Beverly – Sea Glass
Jackie Beverly makes a beautifully set return with the deft atmospheric-folk of ‘Sea Glass’, a track that wraps Beverly’s evocative songwriting in a texturally deep production.

The Zen Arcade – Don’t Say A Word
A soncially warping, full-blown indie music comes bursting out of the speakers with the Zen Arcade’s debut single ‘Don’t Say A Word’, making for an attention-grabbing first impression.

April – Luna
The title-track of April’s brand new sophomore E.P, ‘Luna‘ is a beguiling listen that finds the artist delivering her most sonically widescreen offering to date via a piece of music that has an icy, distant feel.

BARQ – The Table
Sadly, the final single from perennial TLMT favourites BARQ, ‘The Table’ finds the group ending on high note via a song that exemplifies their truly unique sound and stylised music.

Kyoto Love Hotel – You Unfold
Filled with an ambitious, far-reaching sound, Kyoto Love Hotel’s latest offering ‘You Unfold’ swings for the fences with a large-scale song resting upon a full-bodied, texturally deep backdrop.

Bitch Falon – How Did I Know?
Our final glimpse into Bitch Falcon’s debut album Stating At Clocks before its release on November 6th (stay tuned to TLMT for our review soon), ‘How Did I Know?’ is a short sharp shock pushed forward by unrelenting rhythm and visceral vocals.

Havvk feat. Maria Kelly – Keeps Me Out
A reworking from Havvk’s new Plans With Friends E.PMaria Kelly’s rendition of the band’s ‘Keep Me Out’ rests upon a tense undercurrent contrasted by Kelly’s gentle delivery.

Nealo feat. Molly Sterling – All The Leaves Are Falling
The title-track from Nealo debut album, ‘All The Leaves Are Falling’ (read TLMT’s full review – here), featuring a scene-stealing vocal from Molly Sterling, explores the record’s central theme of change via a track finds Nealo at his most deft lyrically.

Conor Thornton – Meta No. 4
Set to a slow-burn, Conor Thornton’s ‘Meta No. 4’ weaves ominous music dominated by Thornton’s menacing vocal that casts a long shadow over the track.

Sophie Doyle Ryder – Little Black Book
A highly-stylised offering from Sophie Doyle Ryder, ‘Little Black Book’ is a fully-formed alt-pop single set against an intricate beat, vibrant production, and scene-stealing vocal from Ryder.

Saige – Mama
Saige continues her run of stand-out singles with the serene-pop of ‘Mama’. Featuring Saige’s powerful vocal performance at its centre, the track is a vivid offering that leaves a lasting impression.

Moncrieff – America
A song that demands your attention, the vivid sound of ‘America’ finds Moncrieff delivering a stylistically strong single brimming to the top with ideas and a hefty beat.

Edwina Van Kuyk – Hurt For Me
The debut offering from alt-pop artist Edwina Van Kuyk, ‘Hurt For Me’ is a subtle track that rests upon Van Kuyk’s emotively driven performance as it builds alongside the growing harmonic backdrop.

Maria Doyle Kennedy – Need A Little Luck In This Life
A delicate, texturally open track from Maria Doyle Kennedy, ‘Need A Little Luck In This Life’ is awash with undulating atmospherics that moves around Doyle Kennedy’s beguiling vocal.

Niamh Regan – Freeze Frame
A wonderfully inviting single, taken from Niamh Regan’s Hemet, ‘Freeze Frame’ is a song that finds its power within Regan’s instantly compelling vocal performance as it weaves itself around the music with conviction.

Columbia Mills – The Greatest Love (Jape Remix)
Jape reimagines the turbulent indie of Columbia Mills ‘The Greatest Love’ (taken from their album CCTV) and transforms it into a pulsating journey through rhythm and electronic layers.

Everything Shook – Horror Show
Everything Shook’s brand new single ‘Horror Show’ is a deep dark dive into a tense and brooding music that rests upon an undercurrent of sonic menace.

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