TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Laoise, JyellowL, Seamus Fogarty, Brí, Rowan, Anna Mullarkey, St. Bishop, For Those I Love, Eve Belle & Kieran Ring

Laoise – Healthy
Laoise makes her return with the sublime pop of ‘Healthy’. A highly-stylised offering the track is awash with deep texture, lush production and vocal twists and turns.

JyellowL – Tunnel Vision
JyellowL delivers a quick-snap sound with his latest single ‘Tunnel Vision’. The latest glimpse into the artists forthcoming 2020 D|Vision album, the song has urgency and pointedness to it that’s impossible to ignore.

Seamus Fogarty – Jimmy Stewart
Taken from his forthcoming album A Bag Of Eyes, ‘Jimmy Stewart’ finds Seamus Fogarty creating a serene yet pulsating folk sound that undulates dynamically throughout with Fogarty’s gritty songwriting style taking centre stage.

Brí – Burying
A full-scale, ambitious sound surrounds Brí’s ‘Burying’. Cast across a dramatic soundscape, Brí’s central performance keeps focus throughout with a beguiling delivery.

Rowan – Attica
‘Attica’ is an atmospherically deep and mood-driven offering from Rowan that builds patiently and evolves into a sprawling widescreen indie sound.

Anna Mullarkey – Alright
Awash with sound, Anna Mullarkey’s ‘Alright’ floats along with a flowing piano, moving rhythms and distant vocal harmonies that engulf the track in waves.

St. Bishop – Dreaming
Returning with the swing for the fences alt-pop of ‘Dreaming’, St. Bishop undergoes a sonic sea change and evolves his songwriting and sound with a track that feels like it meets the ambition behind it.

For Those I Love – Top Scheme
There can be no denying the sharp, raw momentum of Top Scheme’, its the type of track that seems like it took every ouch of energy from For Those I Love to make it, and you can hear that in every word.

Eve Belle – Cut Throat
A highlight from Eve Belle’s brand new album In Between Moments, ‘Cut Throat’ takes all the emotive alt-pop honesty that resides in the record’s undercurrent and brings it to the fore.

Kieran Ring – Summer Moon (Should I Be Wrong)
A propellant electronic soundscape pulsates throughout ‘Summer Moon (Should I Be Wrong), taken from Kieran Ring’s The Sweetest Kill the track creates expansive music that fills the sonic spectrum.

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