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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Inhaler, Paddy Hanna, Elkae, EFÉ, Rejjie Snow, Dyvr, Tebi Rex, Under Tears, Nimf, & We Cut Corners

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Spotify playlist with new music from Inhaler, Paddy Hanna, Elkae, EFÉ, Rejjie Snow, Dyvr, Tebi Rex, Under Tears, Nimf & We Cut Corners.

Paddy Hanna – Howling At The Duke Of York
Taken from Paddy Hanna’s latest album The Hill (read TLMT’s full review – here), ‘Howling At The Duke Of York’ plays into the album wider grainy cinematic edge via a song engulfed in merging sounds.

Elkae – Signal
A serene journey through stylised disco beats, funk guitars, and big vocal harmonies, Elkae’s ‘Signal’ is an expansive evolution in sound from the songwriter.

Rejjie Snow, Snoh Aalegra & Cam O’bi – Mirrors
A song that melts, the lush sound of ‘Mirrors’ is a vivid blend of tempered beats, flowing words and hidden melodies that once again establish the brilliance of Rejjie Snow.

Dyvr – Lights Off
A simply gorgeous track to listen to, everything about Dyvr voice and sound speaks to a dramatic, weighty music filled with atmosphere and consequence.

Nimf – Space
Brimming to the top with invention and creativity, Nimf’s ‘Space’ has a defined sonic character to it that permeates through the tracks big open sound filled with pops and clicks of evolving sounds.

EFÉ – Garden
A highly stylised and slick sounding new single from EFÉ, ‘Garden’ lives within a mileu of lush harmonies and blended production.

Inhaler – When It Breaks
Inhaler release another statement making single in the shape of ‘When It Breaks’. A short sharp shock of a track, the band’s latest offering uses every second of its three minute forty runtime with not a moment wasted.

Tebi Rex & Awkward Z – Aaaagh
A track that just rolls right out of the speakers, ‘Aaagh’ opens Tebi Rex new E.P. Brackets with a clear highlight that finds the duo pushing their sound ever forward.

We Cut Corners – Moon Landing
With its buzzsaw sound, urgency in dynamism and sharp production, ‘Moon Landing’ captures to the fore sound of We Cut Corners new E.P. Muscle Memory.

Under Tears – Good Drying Weather
‘Good Drying Weather’ carries a stark, ominous sound that carries across in every picked note and weaves itself around Under Tears central vocal performance as the song builds and drops to a compelling degree.

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