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Q&A | Lydia Ford talks to TLMT about her new single ‘A Year’

Lydia Ford recently spoke to the Last Mixed Tape about her brand new single 'A Year', her influences and what she's listening to right now.

What artist or album has gotten you through lockdown the most?

Ailbhe Reddy’s album Personal History – the soundtrack to my daily walks! It has the perfect balance of angsty and upbeat tunes.  

What’s influencing your music right now?

I moved to Berlin recently and have a new little home studio set up. Changing scenery tends to spark some new inspiration! I’m trying to improve my guitar skills too so that’ll influence the music.  

Tell us about your new single ‘A Year’. How was it written?

‘A Year’ is about starting to develop feelings for someone new and knowing you’re not ready to be in another relationship. You’re still recovering from the last heartbreak and trying to avoid getting hurt again. I wrote it about a party I went to where I was drinking and flirting with someone I was starting to develop feelings for and I was kind of, viscerally, struck by how much I wasn’t over my last heartbreak and not ready to get hurt again. So the lyrics of the song are me trying to talk myself out of pursuing anything – telling myself it’s too complicated, you’ll regret it, do you really want to spend another year getting over someone again.  

I wrote it on guitar originally, my composer friend changed the chords and we did a piano version, then it went back to guitar with the new chords! 

What would you like people to take from listening to ‘A Year’?

I always want people to be able to listen to my songs and adapt it to their own lives and experiences. I think we’ve all felt similarly at some point and hopefully they find some comfort in that!   

A Year by Lydia Ford is out now. Photo credit: Claire Petersen.

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