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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Loah & Bantum, Sprints, Lydia Ford, Fia Moon, Erica Cody, Alex Tierney, Lucy Gaffney, Abortist, Tolü Makay & BK Pepper

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Loah & Bantum, Sprints, Lydia Ford, Fia Moon, Erica Cody, Alex Tierney, Lucy Gaffney, Abortist, Tolü Makay & BK Pepper.

Loah & Bantum – NGLA
Set against a strong array of electronically charged textures, the electro-ethereal feel of ‘NGLA’ finds Loah and Bantum melding their defined sonic characteristics into one.

Sprints – Drones
Gritty, turbulant and unrelenting, Sprints new single ‘Drones’ is has a buzzsaw energy that can’t be ignored and serves as the band’s best work to date.

Lydia Ford – A Year
Lydia Ford makes her return with the hazy, dreamlike feel of ‘A Year’. Awash with serene atmospherics and a captivating vocal from Ford, the track is vivid offering from a songwriter on the upswing.

Fia Moon – Let This Go
Hot on the heels of her stand-out Ireland Music Week set (read TLMT’s review – here), Fia Moon proves exactly why she’s such a promising prospect on the Irish music scene with the expansive alt-pop sound of her new single ‘Let This Go’.

Erica Cody ft. Hare Squead – Calculated
‘Calculated’ marks the return of Erica Cody with a lush production that allows the artist to open her music up to a wider more depthful oveall sound that meets the ambition behind it.

Lucy Gaffney – Send Me Away
With its contrasting fuzzing backdrop and dream-pop like overtones, Lucy Gaffney’s ‘Send Me Away’ is instantly captivating via the layers of texture and Gaffney’s enthralling vocal.

Alex Tierney – Painkiller
Alex Tierney’s sophomore single finds the rising songwriter building on his debut with the deep atl-pop ballad ‘Painkiller’ as Tierney’s conveys a murity beyond his relatively short career so far.

Arborist – The Mountain Will Come To You
A gently set indie-folk track soaked in atmosphere, ‘The Mountain Will Come To You’ is beautifully immersive offering from Arboirst.

Tolü Makay – Wild Thang
Taken from Tolü Makay’s brand new E.P. Being, ‘Wild Thang’ is a song dripping with style and on-point musicianship that centres around Makay’s soulful vocal harmonies.

BK Pepper – Colours
An absorbing glimpse into BK Pepper’s upcoming debut album Territories, the cinematic instrumental weight of ‘Colours’ has layers upon layer of atmosphere to delve into.

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