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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Ailbhe Reddy, Lyra, Josh McClorey, Æ MAK, Fiona Harte, EFÉ, Seamus Fogarty, Ev Carm, Rebekah Fitch & Franki

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Ailbhe Reddy, Lyra, Josh McClorey, Æ MAK, Fiona Harte, EFÉ, Seamus Fogarty, Ev Carm, Rebekah Fitch, & Franki.

Ailbhe Reddy – Looking Happy
‘Looking Happy’ provides our latest glimpse into Ailbhe Reddy’s forthcoming debut album Personal History. A raw, heart-on-sleeve offering, the single has an immediacy that seems to be bubbling underneath all of Reddy’s latest outings.

Lyra – New Day
Lyra delivers a sprawling epic with her latest offering, ‘New Day’. Set against a striking depth of field the Lyra’s captivating voice dominates the foreground as the song builds in grandeur.

 Josh McClorey – Everything Was Easy
Josh McClorey makes his solo debut with the deeply textural and expressionistic ‘Everything Was Easy’, cast across a glistening production the song has an emotional core that cuts right through.

Æ MAK – Wedding Day
The third in a string of stand-out releases from Æ MAK, the sparse yet intricate beat and gritty vocal layers of ‘Wedding Day’ once again showcase the artist instantly recognisable and singular voice.

Rebekah Fitch – Dust
Awash with distant harmonies, the textural ebb and flow of Rebekah Fitch’s ‘Dust’ makes for a compelling backdrop for the heart-wrenching songwriting and Fitch’s emotively driven vocal to rest upon.

Fiona Harte – What Is Loving Anymore
A gently set and harmony filled ambience resonates throughour Fiona Harte’s subtle new single ‘What Is Loving Anymore’ as the songwriting is surrounded by a warm inviting folk production.

EFÉ – Table For Two
EFÉ weaves a slow-burn vividness around her music on the entrancing and shimmer filled new single ‘Table For Two’.

Seamus Fogarty – Johnny K
The abstraction of sound and performance that resides at the heart of ‘Johnny K’ is yet another affirmation of the singularity of Seamus Fogarty’s songwriting.

Franki – I Mean It
Soaked in atmospheric production, the deeply layered sonic weight of Franki’s ‘I Mean It’ creates a dreamlike alt-pop music that has vivid array of sounds.

Ev Carm – Awake
The title-track from Ev Carm’s brand new album, ‘Awake’ is a buzzing contortion of emotion and sound that contrasts the serene undercurrent that flows beneath that artist’s debut record.

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