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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Lilla Vargen, Joshua Burnside, Æ MAK, Toygirl, Bullet Girl, Christian Cohle, Farah Elle, May Rosa, PureGrand, TV People, NewDad, JyellowL & Emma Langford

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Lilla Vargen, Joshua Burnside, Æ MAK, Toygirl, Bullet Girl, Christian Cohle, Farah Elle, May Rosa, PureGrand, TV People, NewDad, Emma Langford, & JyellowL.

Lilla Vargen – Love You Twice
Lilla Vargen makes her return with the beautifully set ‘Love You Twice’. Cast against a subtle backdrop, Vargen’s voice takes centre stage and pulls focus with its delicate timbre.

Joshua Burnside – Under The Concrete
Taken from Joshua Burnside’s brand new album Into The Depths of Hell, ‘Under The Concrete’ is an airy rolling and tumbling offering that contrasts the darkly lit atmosphere of its parent album.

Æ MAK – forevermorereplay
Awash with vibrant pops and clicks of rhythm, the intricate beat of Æ MAK’s ‘forevermmorereplay’ is a strikingly individualistic offering from an artist with a growing and defined of their artistic self.

TV People – Nothing More
Delivered with a growl, the isolating post-punk of TV People snaps into focus with the brooding sound of ‘Nothing More’ as the song moves purposefully from start to finish.

Farah Elle – Sunblock
Farah Elle unveils her debut solo single ‘Sunblock’. A deftly crafted music weaves itself around Elle’s inviting vocal as she moves from lush harmonies to expansive songwriting.

NewDad – Blue
NewDad stark sound comes to the fore on the darkly lit ‘Blue’. Captivating in its mood and tone, the single is yet another sure sign of the band’s growing prowess.

Toygirl – Poison
Toygirl’s ‘Poison’ finds the band realising the promise laid out in their previous two singles via a deep sounding production that matches the complexities of their songwriting and emotive drive of their performance. A stellar outing from the band.

Christian Cohle – Wallflower
Soaked in undulating textures, Christian Cohle’s ‘Wallflower’ is a lesson in depth and tone as the song moves from pulsing beats to washing soundscapes under a contorted vocal.

Bullet Girl – Concrete Bed
A rip-roaring offering from Bullet Girl, the short sharp shock of ‘Concrete Bed’ is a take no prisoners noise punk track that demands attention.

May Rosa – Gresham Street
A lush dream-pop offering from May Rosa. The long depth of field and icy atmospherics of ‘Gresham Street’ is a reverb soaked journey from Rosa filled with emotion.

PureGrand – Timeline
From its highly stylised sound to it dominant vocal performance, the mood-driven sound of PureGrand’s ‘Timeline’ makes for a compelling listen as it coves the sonic spectrum.

JyellowL – Mademoiselle
JyellowL gives us yet another stylistically rich glimpse into his forthcoming 2020 D|vision album with ‘Mademoiselle’. Delivered with through a wide-open prism of sound and JyellowL’s quick-snap words, the track is yet another promising sign of what’s to come.

Emma Langford – Birdsong
Emma Langford delivers her most striking work to date with the awe-inspiring harmonies of ‘Birdsong’. Cast across a captivating backdrop of vocal layers and pulsating trad beat the song is simply beautiful to behold.

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