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TLMT’s Monthly Mixed-Tape Featuring Kynsy, April, New Pagans, Pillow Queens, Bitch Falcon, James Vincent McMorrow, Æ MAK, ROE, Loah, Wyvern Lingo, Paddy Hanna & more

The Last Mixed Tape looks back at the last four weeks to pick out some of the stand-out tracks coming out of Ireland featuring Kynsy, April, New Pagans, Pillow Queens, Bitch Falcon, James Vincent McMorrow, Æ MAK, ROE, Loah, Wyvern Lingo, Paddy Hanna & more.

Kynsy – Cold Blue Light
Kynsy debuts with the slow-burning, far-reaching sound of ‘Cold Blue Light’. Set against an ambitous indie sound, the songwriter delivers on the promise of her Ireland Music Week performance last Autumn.

Moon Paw Print – Baby Hold It Down
Cast across a lush electronic sound, the spawling beat of ‘Baby Hold It Down’ is a centre-piece from the Moon Paw Print’s Dreams of Ü album.

Odd Morris – Your Four Walls
‘Your Four Walls’ finds Odd Morris delivering a bone-rattling, brooding sound that shakes to persistent beat and snarling mood-driven post-punk performance.

Maria Doyle Kennedy – Cyane
A dreamlike offering, Maria Doyle Kennedy’s ‘Cyane’ moves to a serene, haunting sound as Kennedy’s vocal floats lightly above the glistening production.

Joshua Burnside – War on Everything
Set to a rumble and a rattle, Joshua Burnside’s latest offfering is a rhythmic tour de force from the songwriter in the build up to his forthcoming sophomore record Into The Depths Of Hell.

Kyoto Love Hotel – Machine
The widescreen synth-wave sound of Kyoto Love Hotel’s ‘Machine’ takes shape with large-scale atmospherics textures, buzzing backdrops and ethereal vocals.

Feather Beds – Fragile
An enthralling depth of field creates the foundations of Feather Beds’ ‘Fragile’. The song is driven by dream-pop moods, multi-layered sounds and vivid soundcapes.

Aby Coulibaly – Tauras
A breath-taking performance lays at the heart of ‘Tauras’ as Aby Coulibaly delivers a hazy, intricate vocal that grabs the attention from the get-go.

My Sweet Beloved – Internal Fires
A buzzsaw backdrop and pulsing beat introduce My Sweet Beloved’s growling second single ‘Internal Fires’ as the vocal cuts through with pin-point percision.

Loah – Birthmark
Wrapped in a rich harmonic tapestry, the weaving genre melding sound of Loah’s ‘Birthmark’ makes for a compelling listen from start to finish.

New Pagans – Yellow Room
New Pagans make their return with the bristling, sharp-edged ‘Yellow Room’. Cast across a propellant beat, angular guitars and brooding vocal, the single is the band’s best work to date.

April – forever (to feel like tonight)
There can be no doubting the rising prominence of April. Her latest offering, the darkly lit and mood-driven single ‘forever (to feel like tonight), sets the tone with a hushed vocal and stylised beat.

Brass Phantoms – Hurricane
‘Hurricane’ finds Brass Phantoms delivering a ambitious indie/dream-pop music contrasted by an urgent rhythm, large-scale choruses and icy guitar work.

Ria Rua – Red
A growling sound comes from the undercurrent of ‘Red’ by Ria Rua. A song with a bite to it, the buzzing beat of the song makes for a compelling listen.

Liam Geddes – I’m Hers
A swing for the fences pop song, Liam Geddes ‘I’m Hers’ makes for a sonically rich listen moving big choruses to intimate verses.

Pillow Queens – Holy Show
Taken from Pillow Queen’s forthcoming debut album In Waiting, ‘Holy Show’ is a heart-wrenching offering, driven by the dynamic back and forth from the emotionally hard-hitting vocals and music.

Paj – Superman
A slick sound surrounds Paj’s new single ‘Superman’. Set against a vivid vibe of musicianship, the song is an inviting listen.

Nerves – Time Trial
Nerves return with the crashing, angular sound of ‘Time Trial’. A unrelenting and fuzz-laden track, the trio’s latest single is filled with frustration and release.

delush – Lean On It
A vivid sound permeates ‘Lean On It’. The latest single from delush, the song covers the sonic spectrum with a deep textural sound and whispered vocal.

Meljoann – Business Card
Sonically contorted, Meljoann’s ‘Business Card’ finds the artist warping and twisting a myriad of sounds into one striking sound that takes hold from the very beginning.

Bitch Falcon – Test Trip
The second single take from Bitch Falcon’s forthcoming debut Staring At Clocks, ‘Test Trip’ finds the three-piece adding a brooding tonally deeper side to their music that puts the large-scale dynamism of their sound into sharp perspective.

Paddy Hanna – Colosseum
Giving us a further glimpse into the sound of The Hill, ‘Colosseum’ finds Paddy Hanna delivering a retro-pop tinged noire-bop with Hanna’s signature lyrical twists and turns, ear for a hook and off-kilter sonic presentation. 

James Vincent McMorrow with Kenny Beats – I Should Go
Sonically lush, melodically intricate and rhythmically rich, James Vincent McMorrow’s latest glimpse into his fifth studio album has a vivid colour palette to it brought to the fore by McMorrow’s ability to meld one genre into another.

Kojaque – Shmelly
‘Shmelly’ marks a giant leap in terms of stylism from Kojaque as the Irish MC dominates the foreground as the genre warping and minimalist backdrop beats punctuates each line.

Tolü Makay – Don’t Let Go
A deep, smooth sound surrounds Tolü Makay’s ‘Don’t Let Go’, as Makay delivers a lush vocal performance that takes centre-stage within the delicately woven soul-pop production creating a powerful listen.

The Clockworks – Can I Speak To A Manager?
A blistering and tense new offering from the Clockworks, the rattling sound of ‘Can I Speak To A Manager?’ speaks to the growing immediacy that emanates from the band’s recent output.

Wyvern Lingo – Brutal Lottery
The lowlight mood of Wyvern Lingo’s ‘Brutal Lottery’ finds the three-piece creating a harmony textured backdrop for the song’s pointed lyrical themes of racism, hypocrisy, and bigoted societal structures and attitudes, resulting in a compelling melding of the Wyvern Lingo’s depthful sound and songwriting.

ROE – A Quiet Place
Taken from ROE’s brand new E.P. Things We Don’t Talk About, ‘A Quiet Place’ is a full-scale offering from ROE brimming to the top with the songwriter’s heartfelt lyrical characteristics, big-choruses and a vibrant production.

Carron X Kobina – Even Sad Birds Sing
Featuring as part of Carron’s current remix series, Kobina’s reimagining of ‘Even Sad Birds Sing’ adds a contorted electronic layer to the music through short-cut, clipped vocal lines, intricate beat and full-screen production.

Insideawave – Tour Guides
A hazy, dreamlike sound is juxtaposed by the fuzzing foreground of Insideawave’s latest offering ‘Tour Guides’. A texturally contrasting track, the single works as an engaging work of individuality.

Æ MAK feat. Seba Safe – i dance in the kitchen
Æ MAK makes her return with the rhythmically rich ‘i dance in the kitchen’. A joyously individualistic track, Æ MAK’s new single comes to life with abstract-pop sounds weaved around vivid vocal interplay.

Denise Chaila – Holy Grail
Denise Chaila’s latest offering ‘Holy Grail’ makes for a sonically and textural gritty track that sets a multilayered buzzsaw beat behind Chaila’s dominant vocal.

Maria Doyle Kennedy – Keeps On Spinning
A darkly lit sound surrounds Maria Doyle Kennedy’s ‘Keeps On Spinning’. Atmospherically intricate, Doyle Kennedy’s voice entangles itself around a backdrop of undulating textures.

State Lights – Give Me Something Human
A swing for the fences release from State Lights, ‘Give Me Something Human’ is a ambitous song that fills the sonic spectrum with large-scale choruses, big vocals, and upfront melody.

Senu – Jetlag 2
A contorted soundscape lies at the heart of Senu’s ‘Jetlag 2’, through clipped vocals, a rattling beat and the constant ebb and flow of sound, Senu delivers a truly singular music.

We Cut Corners – Muscle Memory
The Muscle Memory E.P. marks the return of We Cut Corners and features a title track with a bone-rattling urgency and lyrical immediacy that makes for cathartically driven listen.

Catalan – Fortune
A slice of subtle indie-pop, Catalan’s ‘Fortune’ has a welcoming D.I.Y aesthetic to it that makes the hook-laden pop backdrop of the song a pleasure to listen to.

Míde Houlihan – Idle Words
The reverb-soaked sound of ‘Idle Words’ wraps itself around the intimate songwriting and Míde Houlihan’s deftly conveyed vocal resulting in a depthful music.

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