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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Denise Chaila, Æ MAK, Maria Doyle Kennedy, State Lights, We Cut Corners, Senu, Catalan & Míde Houlihan

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Denise Chaila, Æ MAK, Maria Doyle Kennedy, State Lights, We Cut Corners, Senu, Catalan & Míde Houlihan.

Æ MAK feat. Seba Safe i dance in the kitchen
Æ MAK makes her return with the rhythmically rich ‘i dance in the kitchen’. A joyously individualistic track, Æ MAK’s new single comes to life with abstract-pop sounds weaved around vivid vocal interplay.

Denise Chaila – Holy Grail
Denise Chaila’s latest offering ‘Holy Grail’ makes for a sonically and textural gritty track that sets a multilayered buzzsaw beat behind Chaila’s dominant vocal.

Maria Doyle Kennedy – Keeps On Spinning
A darkly lit sound surrounds Maria Doyle Kennedy’s ‘Keeps On Spinning’. Atmospherically intricate, Doyle Kennedy’s voice entangles itself around a backdrop of undulating textures.

State Lights – Give Me Something Human
A swing for the fences release from State Lights, ‘Give Me Something Human’ is a ambitous song that fills the sonic spectrum with large-scale choruses, big vocals, and upfront melody.

Senu – Jetlag 2
A contorted soundscape lies at the heart of Senu’s ‘Jetlag 2’, through clipped vocals, a rattling beat and the constant ebb and flow of sound, Senu delivers a truly singular music.

We Cut Corners – Muscle Memory
The Muscle Memory E.P. marks the return of We Cut Corners and features a title track with a bone-rattling urgency and lyrical immediacy that makes for cathartically driven listen.

Catalan – Fortune
A slice of subtle indie-pop, Catalan’s ‘Fortune’ has a welcoming D.I.Y aesthetic to it that makes the hook-laden pop backdrop of the song a pleasure to listen to.

Míde Houlihan – Idle Words
The reverb-soaked sound of ‘Idle Words’ wraps itself around the intimate songwriting and Míde Houlihan’s deftly conveyed vocal resulting in a depthful music.

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