TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Saige, Vivid Dreamer, Bitch Falcon, Host, ROE, Nealo & Uly, Rachel Mae Hannon, 1000 Beasts, Somebody’s Child, Perlee, Amy Naessens, & Greg Tisdall

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Saige, Vivid Dreamer, Bitch Falcon, Host, ROE, Rachel Mae Hannon, 1000 Beasts, Somebody’s Child, Perlee, Amy Naessens, & Greg Tisdall.

Saige – Late Nights
With the big anthemic sound of ‘Late Nights’, Saige’s glistening indie-pop sound finds a wider-scope to work within resulting in a production that matches the songwriting and central performance and in turn creates a cathartic listen from start to finish.

Vivid Dreamer – He Said He Didn’t Know
Taken from Vivid Dreamer’s sonically lush self-titled debut album, ‘He Said He Didn’t Know’ is a multi-layered listen brimming to the top with texture and a ambitious synth-pop production.

Bitch Falcon – Gaslight
Bitch Falcon make their return with the buzzsaw sound of ‘Gaslight’. Set to an unrelenting backdrop of growling guitars and propellant beats, the single is an uncompromising offering from the band.

Host – Know Your Heart
Played across a sprawling production, Host’s ‘Know Your Heart’ is a deeply vivid new single from Host brought to life by a vibrant beat and contorting vocal performance.

Nealo & Uly – You Can’t Go Home Again
Our first glimpse into Nealo’s debut album, due out later this year, is a serene and reflective one. A song that draws upon the feeling of emotional and physical isolation from the ones and the place you love, ‘You Can’t Go Home Again’ is an insight into the personal depth of Nealo’s upcoming L.P.

Amy Naessens – Kiss and Tell
Amy Naessens makes her debut with the darkly glistening sound of ‘Kiss and Tell’. Paired with a striking depth of field, the soul-pop feel and weaving vocals of ‘Kiss and Tell’ make for a promising start from Naessens.

ROE – Macro
Starting with a burst of sound and melding a multitude of sonic elements throughout, ROE’s ‘Macro’ is the songwriter’s most striking work to date with its push and pull verses and stand-out chorus the track is a compelling listen brought to the fore by ROE’s strong vocal delivery.

Rachel Mae Hannon – Be In Love
‘Be In Love’ works as the perfect introduction to Rachel Mae Hannon as her voice, songwriting and overall sound are brought to the fore in a song that’s brimming with vivid flourishes of musicality.

1000 Beasts feat. Kayleigh Noble – Tokyo
A centrepiece in 1000 Beasts debut E.P. On A Different Page, ‘Tokyo’ is a shimmering, sonically warping offering that melds a myriad of sounds into one working tapestry for Kayleigh Noble’s pin-point vocal to play upon.

Somebody’s Child – We Could Start A War
An emotionally-driven music and performance take centre-stage during Somebody’s Child’s new single ‘We Could Start A War’, creating an urgency and energy to the track that result in the artist most striking single yet.

Perlee – Slow Your Eyes
‘Slow Your Eyes’ is a deftly woven new track from Perlee. Cast across a soundscape of hazy vocal harmonies, glistening guitars and a gentle vibe the duo’s latest offering is an enchanting one.

Greg Tisdall – Am I Still On Your Mind?
An intricate track, Greg Tisdall’s ‘Am I Still On Your Mind?’ moves to a patient beat that builds on a soulful lo-fi aesthetic that carries throughout the track, giving Tisdall’s vocal the room to blend into the subtle production.

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