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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music From Wyvern Lingo, Gemma Bradley, Patricia Lalor, Joshua Burnside, My Sweet Beloved, Gemma Dunleavy, Sisterix, Elaine Mai, the Academic, God Creative, Moon Looks On & Niamh Regan

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Wyvern Lingo, Gemma Bradley, Patricia Lalor, Joshua Burnside, My Sweet Beloved, Gemma Dunleavy, Elaine Mai, the Academic, God Creative, Moon Looks On, Sisterix, & Niamh Regan.

Wyvern Lingo – Don’t Say It
Wyvern Lingo have made their return with the melodically and rhythmically rich new single ‘Don’t Say It’. Set against a deeply vivid production, the trio’s comeback track is as harmonically lush as we’ve come to expect with an added stylisation that draws you further into the music. A statement making new offering from the group.

Gemma Bradley – Obsessed
A wonderfully vivid track, the joyously beat, melodically wide-open and textural deep sound of Gemma Bradley’s ‘Obsessed’ is truly compelling and begs for repeated listens.

Patricia Lalor – Self Aware
Played out upon a backdrop of hazy, shimmering dream-pop, Patricia Lalor’s ‘Self Aware’ is a captivating and subtle offering awash with texture and atmosphere.

Joshua Burnside – And You Invade Him/Born In The Blood
The mood driven, brooding tone of ‘And You Invade Him/Born In The Blood’ makes for a haunting and intense listen as Joshua Burnside’s vocal weaves around a taut pulsing indie-folk soundscape.

My Sweet Beloved – The Invitation
Steeped in reverberant atmospherics, the stark undercurrent of My Sweet Beloved’s ‘The Invitation’ makes for a foreboding backdrop for a captivating yet patient vocal performance.

Sisterix – The Family
Sisterix take aim at abuse within the facade of the nuclear family and the political system itself with their latest track ‘The Family’. Conveyed in a pointed vocal, sharp edged guitars and rumbling beat, the music mirrors the conceptual turmoil.

Gemma Dunleavy – Return
Gemma Dunleavy’s Up De Flats E.P. is a sonic collage that melds a myriad of genres around a backdrop of Dunleavy’s own neighbourhood, making for a symbiotic record that evokes the a creative sense of place. The E.P’s closing track, ‘Return’ captures this textural blending of sound with a song that is captivating in its creativity and atmosphere.

Elaine Mai – Somewhere Else
Elaine Mai returns with the multi-layered slow vibrancy of ‘Somewhere Else’. Set to a slow-burn beat, Elaine Mai’s emotively driven vocal and music merge together to create an engrossing track and Mai’s best work to date.

The Academic – Acting My Age
Pin-point indie-pop, the Academic’s joyously vivid ‘Acting My Age’, the title-track of the group’s latest E.P, is awash with hooks, melodic guitar lines and rhythmically rich interplay.

God Creative feat. Chris Kabs – Around The World
A vibe-driven, slow-burn production creates the perfect backdrop for God Creative and Chris Kabs to weave a smooth lyrical interplay that merges with the feel of the music.

Moon Looks On – Razer Wire Sky
A dramatically charged indie-folk offering from Moon Looks On, the evocative ‘Razer Wire Sky’ is a compelling track led by a powerful vocal performance and supported by a production that matches the drama.

Niamh Regan – How About That Coffee?
An expressionistic ballad, the lyrical swaying of Niamh Regan’s ‘How About That Coffee?’ coupled with the warm production make for an inviting song brought to life by Regan’s beautifully set vocal.

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