TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music From Gemma Dunleavy, Fontaines D.C, Murli, Kieran Ring, Celaviedmai feat. Nealo + Alan McKee, KTG, FiCat, Aislinn Logan & Joseph Kiernan

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Gemma Dunleavy, Fontaines D.C, Murli, Kieran Ring, Celaviedmai feat. Nealo + Alan McKee, FiCat, Aislinn Logan, KTG, & Joseph Kiernan.

Gemma Dunleavy – Up De Flats
The title track from Gemma Dunleavy’s upcoming debut E.P, ‘Up De Flats’ is a moving melting pot of abstracted R&B set to a widescreen production and Dunleavy’s silk textured vocal. Added to this is artist’s ability to evoke and intertwine the sound and personal experiences from her growing up in Dublin city via lines like The soundtrack of the summer getting played by the sirens, we found lust in the middle of the violence. Everything I am, I owe it to you.”

Fontaines D.C. – Televised Mind
Fontaines D.C. unveil the visceral contorted side of their forthcoming sophomore album A Hero’s Death with the shuddering roar, tumbling beat and twisting distortion of ‘Televised Mind’.

Murli – The Culture
Set to Murli’s characteristically vibrant and genre melding sound, ‘The Culture’ finds the artist once again highlighting his ability to present the world through his own prism via deftly woven lyrical passages.

Kieran Ring – A Distance Much Too Far
A song that floats on a bed of sprawling indie sounds, the slow-motion music of Kieran Ring’s ‘A Distance Much Too Far’ is an atmospherically charged offering.

KTG – Matches
Big fully-formed pop music, KTG’s ‘Matches’ takes no prisoners with a rhythmically driven sound that pushes and pulls dynamically with hooks coming from all corners during this intensely set track.

Aislinn Logan – What’s Everybody After
A vivid but gentle offering from Aislinn Logan, ‘What’s Everybody After’ has a hazy summer soaked atmosphere to its alt-pop sound.

Celaviedmai feat. Nealo & Alan McKee – Questions
Intertwined with a spacious beat and serene production, Celaviedmai’s ‘Questions’ weaves an engrossing sound via the vocal twist, turns and contrasts that play out through the track. Resulting in a music that is constantly moving.

Joseph Kiernan – Strip The Vines
Sonically deep indie-folk, ‘Strip The Vine’ makes for a compelling listen as the layered production and emotionally driven songwriting come together to form a striking and powerful sound.

FiCat – All My Love
Swing for the fences pop music, FiCat’s debut outing ‘All My Love’ is joyous ode to the genre filled big-choruses, powerful vocal hooks and a vivid beat.

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