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Q&A | The Winter Passing talk to TLMT about ‘New Ways Of Living’

The Winter Passing talk to TLMT.

The Winter Passing talk to the Last Mixed Tape about their upcoming studio album New Ways Of Living, influences and what they’re listening to.

What’s the last song you listened to on Spotify?

100 by Dean Blunt. 

What’s the last record you bought?

The Scratch – Couldn’t Give a Rats LP

What is influencing your music right now?

I feel like each time we write music and get asked this question the answers are always similar. As in, our music is very much lyrically based on each of our own current life struggles and our mental health. After writing NWOL i feel like we have evolved so much, both mentally and musically, from when we wrote our first album. that’s not to say that the first album isn’t a reflection of honesty, because it is, but I just think we have a better understanding of ourselves as a band and also as individuals this time around. 

Of course we’re still heavily influenced by many amazing bands and artists across a wide variety of genres but writing this album, it felt like our influences came more from each other and the people around us more than anything else.  

Tell us about your album New Ways Of Living. How was it written and recorded?

‘New Ways of Living’ is the band’s second studio album. We first began writing material for the album in 2018, we had found a new creative flair so to speak and really starting working towards a sophomore album. We recorded the album over two weeks in Southampton, England with our friend and producer Neil Kennedy in November 2019. We knew of Neil for a long time, he’s recorded some of our friend’s bands and we’ve always liked the production on releases he’s worked on so we felt like he would be the best fit for us. It was a great experience all round, everyone at the studio was great to us and made it a comfortable process the whole way through. 

Is there a song on the album that you’re most looking forward to playing live when live music returns? 

I’m looking forward to playing all of them at this point really. My personal fav’s are the Street and The Stranger, Resist, Crybaby and Melt. 

With live music on hold during the pandemic have the band been up to?

Some of the members of the band were still working through the pandemic, Kate is a frontline worker and the rest of us, myself included have been cooped up in our houses for weeks! I suppose we’ve been fortunate enough to have our album campaign going on throughout the pandemic, we shot a music video for our single ‘Resist’ on iphones in everyone’s gaff’s. It was hard at first to postpone essentially a world tour this year but at least we still have this record for people to hear and we’re very proud of it, we hope people love it as much as we do. 

New Ways Of Living by the Winter Passing is out this Friday, July 3rd via Big Scary Monsters.

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