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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music From Pillow Queens, Tolü Makay & Zapho, Roisin El Cherif, Fontaines D.C, Brigid Mae Power, Susie Blue, EFÉ, Everything Shook, 1000 Beasts feat. Kayliegh Noble, Meljoann, Jafaris, Lydia Ford, Coolgirl, Alex Tierney & Columbia Mills

The Last Mixed Tape picks out its favorite tracks from the past week in Irish music.

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Pillow Queens, Tolü Makay & Zapho, Roisin El Cherif, Fontaines D.C, Brigid Mae Power, Susie Blue, Lydia Ford, EFÉ, Everything Shook, 1000 Beasts feat. Kayliegh Noble, Meljoann, Jafaris, Alex Tierney, Coogirl, & Columbia Mills.

Pillow Queens – Handsome Wife
Pillow Queens have returned with the sonically vivid step forward of ‘Handsome Wife’. Taken from the group’s upcoming debut record In Waiting, the track is the band’s most expansive to date as the production matches the intensity.

Tolü Makay & Zapho feat. Jenny Browne – Collide
Created as part of the X Collective, ‘Collide’ finds Tolü Makay, Zapho and Jenny Browne collaborating on a track that has a striking textural depth made all the more impactful from the vocal harmonies that take centre stage within the strong sonic backbone.

Roisin El Cherif – Cross Your Mind
‘Cross Your Mind’ is an atmospheric and serene new single from Roisin El Cherif. Set to a slow build, the intertwined musicality and captivating performance of El Cherif make for a stunning return from the artist.

Fontaines D.C. – I Don’t Belong
Our second glimpse into the highly-anticipated A Hero’s Death, ‘I Don’t Belong’ moves a brooding pace as the tense beat, gritty guitar and deadpan vocal create a taut mood throughout this mood-driven offering.

Brigid Mae Power – Wedding Of A Friend
Taken from Brigid Mae Power’s new album Head Above The Water (read TLMT review – here), ‘Wedding Of A Friend’ meld’s the enchanting, winding and soaring vocal performance with a pin-point alt-country sound that pulls you in from the get-go.

Susie Blue – Daughter
Set against a lush alt-pop sound, Susie Blue’s textural new single ‘Daughter’ is a compelling new release that marks a strong stylistic step from the songwriter.

Lydia Ford – Overrated
An expansive new single from Lydia Ford, the raw lyrical twists and turns, vivid beat, and lush production of ‘Overrated’ is Ford’s best work to date.

EFÉ – Seven
A wonderfully serene offering, EFÉ’s ‘Seven’ has an intricate sound that finds the artist’s vocal weave itself around a production that gives space for each delicate harmonies to move and be heard.

Everything Shook – Stand Ajar
Everything Shook has made their return with the propellant and darkly atmospheric sound of ‘Sound Ajar’. An intense and haunting listen, its good to have the perennial TLMT favourites back.

1000 Beasts feat. Kayliegh Noble – Le Marais
1000 Beasts continues his streak of compelling singles and collaborations with ‘Le Marais’ featuring Kayliegh Noble, with its shuddering backdrop, abstract beat and tranquil vocal this latest offering is another captivating release.

Meljoann – O Supervisor
A highly-stylised and ambitious track, ‘O Supervisor’ is a track that cannot be ignored. Inventive, vibrant and frantic, Meljoann’s new single swings for the fences and hits the mark.

Jafaris – Glue
The snap and beat of ‘Glue’ mark the return of Jafaris with all the constant motion, interlocking delivery and singularity that we’ve come to expect from the artist with a track that pushes things forward.

Alex Tierney – Over The Maybes
A beautifully crafted debut from Alex Tierney, ‘Over The Maybes’ is an atmospherically rich and emotively entrancing offering that points to an exciting new songwriter.

Columbia Mills – Isolate
The latest single from Columbia Mills new album CCTV (read TLMT’s review – here), the driving electronic backdrop, heavy beat and growled vocal of ‘Isolate’ perfectly capture the sonic weight of its parent album.

Coolgirl – Gaussian Blur
The second track from Coolgirl, ‘Gaussian Blur ‘finds us entering a widescreen synth-wave soundscape filled with interwoven pops and clicks, propellant beats and washing electronic backdrops that pass by with each driving rhythm.

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