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TLMT’s Monthly Mixed-Tape Featuring Sinead O’Brien, Fontaines D.C, Denise Chaila, April, Blooms, Inhaler, The Murder Capital, Fehdah, Sick Love, Vernon Jane, Silverbacks, The Winter Passing, ROE, Whenyoung & more

The Last Mixed Tape runs down its favorite new Irish music from May 2020.

The Last Mixed Tape looks back at the last four weeks to pick out some of the stand-out tracks coming out of Ireland featuring Sinead O’Brien, Fontaines D.C, Denise Chaila, April, Blooms, Inhaler, The Murder Capital, Fehdah, Sick Love, Vernon Jane, Silverbacks, The Winter Passing, ROE, Whenyoung, & more.

April – What I’d Do For You
Taken from April’s debut E.P. New Conditions, the dreamy alt-pop haze of ‘What I’d Do For You’ explores the helplessness of love via a serene beat, subtle production and enchanting vocal that all contain a defined sense of self. All which, including the E.P itself, mark April as one of the most promising prospects on the scene right now,

Flecks – Hold On
Sprawling synth-pop is the order of the day on Flecks brand new single ‘Hold On’. Set to a driving beat and washing electronic textures, the icy openness and nocturnal ambience of Flecks sound are brought to the fore.

Royal Yellow (feat. Lisa Hannigan) – May The First
Royal Yellow returns with the incredibly striking ‘May The First’. A vivid array of sound covers the spectrum in a track that exudes atmosphere with each deeply layered element.

Cherym – Weird Ones
Punk-pop trio Cherym takes no prisoners in the short sharp shock of ‘Weird Ones’, a propellant new single that slams out of the speakers with authority and serves as the group’s best work to date.

Joel Harkin – Vada
A deeply dreamlike release from Joel Harking, the hazy alt-folk of ‘Vada’ makes for an engrossing offering that plays with subtle sonic gestures and introspective songwriting.

Whenyoung – The Prayer
The delicate and intricate music of ‘The Prayer’ serves as a powerfully emotional, gently captivating and sonically soothing offering from Whenyoung set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. To coincide with the release of ‘The Prayer’ Whenyoung will be raising money for Women’s Aid Ireland and U.K. with the sale of a limited-edition t-shirt and other events on our social media – /

Blake’s Fortune – Redwood Heart
The tumbling indie-folk of ‘Redwood Heart’ finds Blake’s Fortune delivering a piece of organic music that twists and turns texturally via soaring harmonies, rumbling drums and edged guitars.

Robert John Ardiff – Quarantine
Robert John Ardiff’s ‘Quarantine’ is a swaying, dancing, slow-motion folk track that muses on the current lockdown with grounded relatable songwriting and a live-in-your-room production.

Bleeding Heart Pigeons – Trapped
The second single to be taken from their upcoming sophomore album Stir, Bleeding Heart Pigeon’s far-reaching ‘Trapped’ is an intricate song that interlocks a persistent beat, weaving guitar lines and a commanding central vocal.

Cool Girl – House Arrest
An expansive slice of alt. electro-pop, Cool Girl’s debut offering ‘House Arrest’ blends a myriad of harsh and inviting textures into a working, progressive soundscape.

Fontaines D.C. – A Hero’s Death
Fontaines D.C. reaffirms their status as one of the essential bands on the scene with the unrelenting sound of ‘A Hero’s Death’. The title track from the group’s forthcoming sophomore record, the single is set against a solid backbone and an uncompromising vocal.

The Murder Capital – Cellophane (live)
Taken from the Murder Capital’s new Live From BBC Maida Vale E.P, this darkened reimagining of FKA Twigs ‘Cellophane’ takes shape via a deep, full-bodied vocal performance and a captivatingly atmospheric backdrop with a twist.

Joshua Burnside – Whiskey Whiskey
Joshua Burnside returns with the inviting and layered indie-folk sound of ‘Whiskey Whiskey’. Set against a handmade, intimate feel, Burnside’s latest offering is engrossing as ever.

1000 Beasts feat. Lenii – WaistCoats
Set against a production that melts away with layered electronic textures, 1000 Beasts and Lenii collaborate on an instantly captivating and sonically lush new single ‘WaistCoasts’.

Sisterix – Asking For Trouble
Sisterix ‘Asking For Trouble’ is an enthralling and defiant new single from the duo that merges an immediate alt-rock sound with a powerfully pointed performance fueled by the song’s themes, making for an impactful release from the Dublin band.

State Lights – Don’t Make Plays On My Heart
With its lush production, ambitious songwriting and soaring central sound, State Light’s far-reaching new single ‘Don’t Make Plays On My Heart’ is a track presented in widescreen and a huge step forward for the band.

Waiting Space – Cocoon
A gentle and subtle new track from Waiting Space. ‘Cocoon’ is a sprawling ambient instrumental cast against a strong depth of field and moving sonic foreground.

The Academic – Anything Could Happen
A bouncing and vibrant new single from the Academic, ‘Anything Could Happen’ is a summery, hook-filled return from the band brought to the fore with big choruses and large-scale indie-pop production.

Participant – Oh no, Give Up
‘Oh no, Give up’ finds Participant delivering a delicate indie-folk track set against a fragile production that draws the listener further into this deep and serene offering.

The Winter Passing – Resist
‘Resist’ is a full-scale new offering from the Winter Passing and first glimpse into their upcoming album New Ways Of Living. With a sound that fills the spectrum and a vivid alt-rock sound, the single is powerfully impact new offering from the group.

ROE – Room To Breathe
Roe’s ‘Room To Breathe’ is a strikingly emotive track from the rising songwriter. Melding a slowly soaring and falling musical bedrock, Roe’s central lyricism and delivery makes for a truly compelling return and the artist’s best work so far.

Silverbacks – Muted Gold
‘Muted Gold’ serves as rumbling, rattling offering from Silverbacks that moves at a contorted pace as the group weave a dense rhymical sound throughout.

Murli X King Pallas – Brick By Brick
A captivating collaboration between Murli and King Pallas, ‘Brick By Brick’ is atmospheric experimental hip-hop at its best as the words and music move in perfect tandem with one another. 

Nealo – Heart Food For Hard Times
‘Heart Food For Hard Times’ finds Nealo collaborating with Adam Garrett and Uly on a track that simply flows with a serene, calming feel that speaks, both sonically and lyrically, for the need to reflect in all of us.

Sugarwolf – Changes
A highly-stylised alt-rock sound surrounds Sugarwolf’s new single ‘Changes’. Set against a powerful and immersively ambitious production, the band deliver a striking track that swings for the fences.

Conor Thornton – The Car Bar
A strong sonic backbone rests behind Conor Thornton’s ‘The Car Bar’. A deeply stylised offering, the single slinks and shudders with a gritty noir sound.

Alex Gough – Heart Attack
A snarling, growling new track Alex Gough, ‘Heart Attack’ never lets up from start to finish as the beat pops and clicks behind a vocal that takes no prisoners.

Bleeding Heart Pigeons – All For The Best
The third single to be released from Bleeding Heart Pigeons sophomore album Stir, ‘All For The Best’ makes for a sonically lush listen as the band layer a myriad of textures on top of one another to create a far-reaching depth of field.

Kehli – Believe It
Vivid, vibrant and ambitious, Kehli’s ‘Believe It’ is a big pop song that melds hook after hook against a quick changing beat and stylish production.

Vernon Jane – Drugs You Do
Taken from Vernon Jane’s genre-breaking debut album The Ritual Of Love Making (read TLMT’s full review – here) ‘Drugs You Do’ blends the full spectrum of sound and rhythm that makes the record so compelling.

Ev Carm – Laugh Again
A gently set track, Ev Carm’s ‘Laugh Again’ has a hushed ambience to it that draws you in and immerses you in shimmering soundscape that you won’t want to leave.

Elina Filice – Thinking Of You
An effortlessly smooth single, ‘Thinking Of You’ introduces us to the fast-paced lyricism, intricate musicianship and genre-melding hip-hop of Elina Filice.

Daire Patel ft. Aby Coulibaly – Sirens
A hypnotic slice of melodic hip-hop, Daire Patel’s ‘Sirens’ creates a densely textured sound that rises and falls with weight and contrasted by Patel and Coulibaly vocal performances.

Mark Geary – The Forest
An intimate feel flows through ‘The Forest’, centring around the heartfelt performance and songwriting that Mark Geary portrays throughout this calming slice of indie-folk.

Inhaler – Falling In
Inhaler return with the jolting, sharp-edged sound of their latest single ‘Falling In’. Building on what’s come before, the group hone their sound into an ambitious, far-reaching and bone-rattling track that further establishes them as a force to be reckoned with.

Emma Langford – Mariana
Emma Langford returns with the intricate sound of ‘Mariana’, a song that showcases Langford’s ability to write and perform songs that real and lived-in.

Saige – Ultraviolence
Set against a floating, vivid production, Saige’s ‘Ultraviolence’ makes for a compelling listen with the textural depth and dynamic push and pull drawing you further in.

Blooms – Bare Bones
‘Bare Bones’ has a striking depth of field to it that finds Blooms making her comeback with a song that finds intricacy through space, power through subtly and impact through emotion.

James Vincent McMorrow – Headlights
James Vincent McMorrow’s ‘Headlights’ has a serenity to its that flows right through the hushed sounds, twilight production and air of emotional weight that meld together to create this captivating return.

Sick Love – I’m So (Fucked Without You)
A scratching, raw and ragged indie sound pulses throughout Sick Love’s latest offering ‘I’m So (Fucked Without You) as the band continuing evolution reaches its zenith with a production that matches the power behind the music.

Joshua Burnside – The Only Thing I Fear
A gentle, inviting sound surrounds Joshua Burnside’s ‘The Only Thing I Fear’, an enchanting song that uses patience and stillness to weave its heartfelt songwriting around the listener.

Laura Elizabeth Hughes – Pandemonium
A captivating new single from Laura Elizabeth Hughes, ‘Pandemonium’ is a moving ballad that finds its strength in a vocal that carries each lyric with the same care and importance.

Rebel Phoenix X Melina Malone – Care For You
‘Care For You’ finds Rebel Phoenix and Melina Malone collaborating on an atmospherically set hip-hop track where every word, beat and melody add to the growing textural weight of the music and the meaning.

Fiona Harte – Auburn
A soft-spoken song, Fiona Harte’s ‘Auburn’ is the type of song that gradually and gently washes over the listener as the gentle musicianship, layered harmonies and subtle central vocal blend together on this beguiling track.

Christian Cohle – Ghost
Awash with depthful electronic sounds that rise and fall around Christian Cohle’s soulful vocal, ‘Ghost’ is an utterly gripping offering from Cohle that creates an atmosphere that will last long after listening.

Senu featuring Caoi De Barra – Thought I Saw You
Senu continues his run of intricate and inventive releases with ‘Thought I Saw You’. Joined by a melodically lush and enchanting vocal from Caoi De Barra, Senu’s latest single is as sonically labyrinthine as we’ve come to expect.

Milk. – Always On Time
Milk’s ‘Always On Time’ finds the band creating a hazy harmony-filled indie sound via a track that carries with it a sonic weight and depth that makes for the group’s best record to date.

R.S.A.G – The Jungle
The centrepiece of R.S.A.G’s brand new album Chroma (read TLMT’s full review – here), the unrelenting rhythm, forward motion and dynamic peaks and troughs of ‘The Jungle’ encapsulates the myriad sound of its parent album.

Fears – two_
Atmospherically charged, Fears ‘two_’ weaves layered sounds around a stark production creating a mood and tone that mirrors the introspection of the lyrics and themes explored.

Day_S – F*#king With My Friends
Day_S returns with the lush sound of ‘F*#king With My Friends’. Set to a spacious beat where each pulse, rising synth and a dynamic twist of guitar makes a statement, Day_S latest offering centres around a powerhouse vocal.

Sinead White – The World Stops Spinning
Sinead White marks her return with the sonic sea change of ‘The World Stops Spinning’. Far removed from her early work, the track is a work of bare-boned atmospherics, a mood-driven production and haunting vocals.

Denise Chaila – Chaila
Few sounds will have the same vibrancy as Denise Chaila’s ‘Chaila’. Brought to the fore by a vivid and enthralling vocal performance, lyrical sharpness and a radiant beat, ‘Chaila’ is one of the most joyfully unique tracks of 2020.

Paddy Hanna – Cannibals
Paddy Hanna makes his comeback with the sonically contorting ‘Cannibals’. Taken from his forthcoming album The Hill, this brooding, off-kilter and manic track is an intriguing glimpse of what’s to come.

Sounds Of System Breakdown – Connect With Me
‘Connect With Me’ finds Sounds Of Sysmte Breakdown returning with a driving electronic song that moves forward with a solid persistent beat, growling vocal and expansive production.

Bantum – Tower
As sonically rich and layered as we come to expect from Bantum, ‘Tower’ shudders with a beat that create a moving backdrop to the rhymic pops and clicks that populate the foreground of music, adding a sense of depth to the track overall.

Lauran Beth – 11 Years
A pulsating release from Lauran Beth, ’11 Years’ is an ambitious slice of indie-pop filled with long-lasting hooks, intricate lyricism and a jangled shimmered sound.

Sinead O’Brien – Roman Ruins
Since first grabbing TLMT’s attention with ‘A Thing Called Joy’ last year, Sinead O’Brien’s output has been a breath of fresh air with O’Brien’s latest offering ‘Roman Ruins’ taking shape via a statement making vocal that dominates the sonic foreground, entangled sharp-edged lyricism, and a rattling post-punk backdrop.

Fehdah – Day In Shock
Vivid, vibrant and rhymically charged, Fehdah’s ‘Day In Shock’ melds a myriad of sounds around a song that contorts and twists with unmatched inventiveness.

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