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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music From Milk, R.S.A.G, Day_S, Fears, Sinead White, Denise Chaila, Paddy Hanna, Sounds Of System Breakdown, Lauran Beth, & Bantum

The Last Mixed Tape picks out its favorite tracks from the past week in Irish music.

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Milk, R.S.A.G, Day_S, Fears, Sinead White, Denise Chaila, Paddy Hanna, Sounds Of System Breakdown, Lauran Beth, & Bantum.

Milk. – Always On Time

Milk’s ‘Always On Time’ finds the band creating a hazy harmony-filled indie sound via a track that carries with it a sonic weight and depth that makes for the group’s best record to date.

R.S.A.G – The Jungle

The centrepiece of R.S.A.G’s brand new album Chroma (read TLMT’s full review – here), the unrelenting rhythm, forward motion and dynamic peaks and troughs of ‘The Jungle’ encapsulates the myriad sound of its parent album.

Fears – two_

Atmospherically charged, Fears ‘two_’ weaves layered sounds around a stark production creating a mood and tone that mirrors the introspection of the lyrics and themes explored.

Day_S – F*#king With My Friends

Day_S returns with the lush sound of ‘F*#king With My Friends’. Set to a spacious beat where each pulse, rising synth and a dynamic twist of guitar makes a statement, Day_S latest offering centres around a powerhouse vocal.

Sinead White – The World Stops Spinning

Sinead White marks her return with the sonic sea change of ‘The World Stops Spinning’. Far removed from her early work, the track is a work of bare-boned atmospherics, a mood-driven production and haunting vocals.

Denise Chaila – Chaila

Few sounds will have the same vibrancy as Denise Chaila’s ‘Chaila’. Brought to the fore by a vivid and enthralling vocal performance, lyrical sharpness and a radiant beat, ‘Chaila’ is one of the most joyfully unique tracks of 2020.

Paddy Hanna – Cannibals

Paddy Hanna makes his comeback with the sonically contorting ‘Cannibals’. Taken from his forthcoming album The Hill, this brooding, off-kilter and manic track is an intriguing glimpse of what’s to come.

Sounds Of System Breakdown – Connect With Me

‘Connect With Me’ finds Sounds Of Sysmte Breakdown returning with a driving electronic song that moves forward with a solid persistent beat, growling vocal and expansive production.

Lauran Beth – 11 Years

A pulsating release from Lauran Beth, ’11 Years’ is an ambitious slice of indie-pop filled with long-lasting hooks, intricate lyricism and a jangled shimmered sound.

Bantum – Tower

As sonically rich and layered as we come to expect from Bantum, ‘Tower’ shudders with a beat that create a moving backdrop to the rhymic pops and clicks that populate the foreground of music, adding a sense of depth to the track overall.

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